Best Stremio VPNs for anonymous streaming

Best Stremio VPNs for anonymous streaming
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Stremio is a popular media player offering comprehensive solutions for organizing and streaming video content across various devices. However, you may find that some Stremio add-ons might be geo-blocked, restricting access based on your location. Moreover, while these add-ons enhance your streaming experience, they could pose potential risks, including exposure to unsecured networks.

Luckily, you can use a VPN that not only unblocks geo-restricted add-ons but also ensures a secure streaming experience. Also, it can help you avoid speed throttling from your ISP, thus maintaining consistent streaming speeds.

In this post we will get into the best VPNs for Stremio and how you can use them to get the most out of Stremio in 2024.


Top 5 VPNs for Stremio in 2024

  1. 1. ExpressVPN – Best overall VPN for Stremio in 2024
  2. 2. NordVPN – Top security focused VPN with fast streaming for Stremio
  3. 3. Surfshark – Ideal VPN for Stremio for unlimited device connections
  4. 4. Proton VPN - Privacy centered VPN for Stremio
  5. 5. CyberGhost VPN - User friendly VPN for a seamless streaming experience

Is Stremio safe without a VPN?

Using Stremio without a VPN is generally safe, but it comes with certain risks and limitations that can be mitigated by using a VPN.

While Stremio itself is a legitimate and secure platform, some of the third-party add-ons available can be less secure. These add-ons may expose you to risks such as malware or unwanted tracking. A VPN helps shield your activities from potential threats by encrypting your internet connection, thereby enhancing your online privacy and security.

Also, without a VPN, you may encounter geo-restrictions, limiting access to certain content on Stremio. This is particularly relevant if you're in a region where specific shows or movies are not available due to licensing agreements. A VPN can circumvent these restrictions by masking your real location, giving you access to a broader range of content.

Some ISPs may throttle your internet speeds when streaming, leading to buffering and poor video quality. A VPN can prevent your ISP from detecting your streaming activities, thus reducing the likelihood of throttling and ensuring smoother streaming.

The best Stremio VPNs in 2024

Finding the perfect VPN for Stremio is key to a seamless streaming experience. Our reviews focus on how these VPNs enhance your Stremio use, paying attention to features that matter most to streamers.

1. ExpressVPN: Best overall VPN for Stremio




Pros & cons
  • High-speed servers for seamless streaming
  • Wide server network for global Stremio add-ons
  • Strong encryption and no-logs policy
  • Split tunneling feature
  • Full leak protection for prime security
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Higher cost compared to some other VPN options.
  • Limited advanced configuration options.

ExpressVPN is the top VPN for Stremio. Not only it allows you to bypass geographic content restriction but also improves your speed, and security. Its impressive global network of high-speed servers ensures that you can stream Stremio content without lags or buffering, essential for enjoying high-definition videos.

ExpressVPN's ability to bypass geo-restrictions allows access to a wider range of Stremio add-ons and content. Moreover, strong encryption and strict no-logs policy protect your streaming activities, giving you an overall peace of mind.

Moreover, its split tunneling feature lets you route some of your device traffic through the VPN while other devices remain directly connected to the internet, ideal for multitasking. You can get ExpressVPN from $6.67/month with 3 months free in its yearly plan.

Stremio with ExpressVPN

2. NordVPN: Top security focused VPN with fast streaming for Stremio




Pros & cons
  • Advanced security features like Double VPN
  • Diverse server network for accessing Stremio content
  • SmartPlay technology
  • Consistently fast speeds
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Some servers can be overcrowded, leading to slower speeds
  • Interface might be slightly complex for VPN beginners

NordVPN is another great VPN for Stremio users who are concerned about security without compromising on streaming speed. It provides robust protection with features like Double VPN and CyberSec, enhancing your online privacy while using Stremio. This way NordVPN helps you keep your streaming activities and searching habits and patterns private.

Moreover, the extensive network of over 5810+ servers in 60 countries ensures that you can access a variety of geo-restricted Stremio add-ons. Its SmartPlay technology is designed to offer a smooth streaming experience by automatically selecting the best server for your needs.

The VPN also boasts impressive speeds, which means you can stream in HD without interruptions. You can get NordVPN from $3.39/month in its bi-yearly plan.

3. Surfshark: Ideal VPN for Stremio for unlimited device connections




Pros & cons
  • Unlimited device connections
  • CleanWeb technology blocks ads and malicious content
  • MultiHop feature for additional privacy
  • NoBorders mode for use in restrictive regions
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Speed inconsistencies across different servers
  • Some servers may offer slower speeds

Surfshark stands out for its unique offer of unlimited simultaneous device connections, making it an excellent choice for families or individuals with multiple devices. This feature, combined with its CleanWeb technology that blocks ads, trackers, and malware, ensures a smooth and uninterrupted Stremio streaming experience.

Moreover, Surfshark’s MultiHop feature routes your traffic through two servers for increased security, a beneficial feature for accessing Stremio add-ons while maintaining privacy. Additionally, its NoBorders mode allows you to use Stremio in restrictive regions, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite content from anywhere.

You can get Surfshark from $1.99/month along with 4 months free in its bi-yearly subscription plan.

4. Proton VPN: Privacy-centered VPN for Stremio

Proton VPN



Proton VPN
Pros & cons
  • Focus on privacy with Secure Core
  • High-speed servers for smooth Stremio streaming
  • DNS leak protection
  • Internet kill switch for enhanced security
  • No-logs policy privacy
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Limited server network compared to other VPNs
  • Free version is considerably slower

Proton VPN emphasizes privacy and security, making it ideal for Stremio users who are particularly concerned about their online anonymity. With its Secure Core architecture and strong encryption protocols,

Also, Proton VPN effectively shields your streaming activities from prying eyes. This VPN offers a decent network of high-speed servers, which is crucial for buffering-free streaming on Stremio.

It also includes features like DNS leak protection and a kill switch, which are essential for maintaining privacy and security, especially when accessing third-party Stremio add-ons that might not be fully secure. You can get Proton VPN from $3.99/month in its bi-yearly subscription plan.

5. CyberGhost VPN: User-friendly VPN for a seamless Stremio streaming




Pros & cons
  • User-friendly interface, great for VPN novices
  • Specialized servers optimized for streaming
  • Large server network for accessing various
  • Stremio add-ons
  • Automatic kill switch
  • High-end encryption for secure streaming
  • The mobile app experience is not as robust as the desktop version.
  • Some streaming servers can be inconsistent in speed and performance

CyberGhost VPN is geared towards user-friendliness, and catering, especially to those new to VPNs. It offers specialized servers optimized for streaming, ensuring you get the best possible experience on Stremio. CyberGhost’s extensive server network allows users to bypass geo-restrictions and access a wide range of content on Stremio.

The VPN also includes an automatic kill switch and high-end encryption, adding an extra layer of security to your streaming activities. Its simple interface and straightforward setup process make it an ideal choice for beginners who want a hassle-free streaming experience with Stremio.

You can get CyberGhost from $2.11/month in its biyearly plan along with 4 months free and a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

Methodology: how we tested these VPNs

When testing and selecting the best VPNs for Stremio, we focused on various key areas to ensure that our recommendations meet the diverse needs of Stremio users. Here's how we conducted our tests:

  • Speed testing: Utilizing speed test tools, we evaluated each VPN's performance in terms of download and upload speeds across different servers. This is crucial for streaming content on Stremio, as high speeds ensure buffer-free and high-quality video playback.
  • Security and privacy analysis: We closely examined the security features of each VPN, including encryption standards, presence of a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. Additionally, we reviewed their privacy policies to verify their no-logs claims, ensuring that users' streaming activities remain confidential.
  • Server network and geo-restriction bypassing: We tested the ability of VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions by accessing content on Stremio from various locations. This involved evaluating the size and distribution of each VPN's server network, as well as their effectiveness in unblocking region-locked Stremio add-ons.
  • User experience and compatibility: The ease of installation, setup, and overall user interface of each VPN was assessed. We also tested the compatibility of these VPNs with different devices and operating systems, as Stremio is used across a variety of platforms.
  • Customer support: We evaluated the responsiveness and helpfulness of the customer support teams of each VPN provider. This aspect is crucial for troubleshooting and assistance, especially for users who are new to VPNs.
  • Unique features: We looked into unique features each VPN offered, such as split tunneling, ad-blocking capabilities, and the number of simultaneous connections allowed. These features can significantly enhance the Stremio streaming experience.

Why do you need a VPN for Stremio?

Using a VPN with Stremio is essential for several reasons, primarily revolving around accessibility, privacy, and enhanced streaming experience. When you use Stremio, especially with its third-party add-ons, you might encounter geo-restrictions.

These restrictions can limit your access to certain content based on your geographical location. A VPN helps bypass these geo-blocks by masking your IP address and routing your internet connection through servers in different countries, effectively unlocking a world of content that you might otherwise be unable to access.

Moreover, privacy and security are significant concerns while using Stremio, especially when streaming content from less secure, user-created add-ons. These add-ons can sometimes be gateways for hackers to access your device or for third parties to track your online activity.

A VPN encrypts your internet connection, making it almost impossible for anyone to intercept or monitor your online activities. This encryption is crucial in protecting your personal data from potential cyber threats and maintaining your online anonymity.

Additionally, ISPs often throttle internet speeds based on your streaming activities, which can lead to buffering and poor quality streams. A VPN conceals your online activities, including streaming, from your ISP, thus preventing potential speed throttling.

This ensures a smoother, uninterrupted streaming experience on Stremio, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content in the best possible quality.

Can I use a free VPN with Stremio?

Why you need VPN for Stremio

Yes, you can use a free VPN with Stremio, but it's generally advisable to opt for a premium VPN for a better experience. Free VPNs like Atlas VPN or Hotspot VPN offer limited services that can work with Stremio. However, they come with notable constraints.

Free VPNs often have data usage caps, which can be quickly exhausted when streaming video content, potentially interrupting your Stremio experience. Additionally, the server options are usually limited and can be overcrowded, leading to slower speeds and buffering issues. This is particularly problematic for streaming high-definition videos on Stremio.

Moreover, privacy and security, which are paramount for using Stremio, especially with third-party add-ons, can be questionable with free VPNs. Some free services might track and sell your data, negating the privacy benefits of using a VPN.

In contrast, premium VPNs offer unlimited bandwidth, a vast network of high-speed servers, and stronger security protocols. They ensure a seamless streaming experience, better access to geo-restricted content, and robust protection for your online activities. While free VPNs are an option for casual use, investing in a premium VPN is a more reliable and secure choice for avid Stremio users.


After thoroughly testing and reviewing various VPNs for compatibility with Stremio, I've found that a reliable VPN is indispensable for an optimal streaming experience. I particularly appreciate how a VPN adds value by not just unblocking content and providing access to a broader range of Stremio add-ons but also by ensuring a secure streaming environment.

Among all the options, ExpressVPN stands out as our top pick. Its blend of speed, security, and ease of use is unmatched, making it the ideal choice for both novice and seasoned Stremio users. The difference in streaming quality and the peace of mind it offers in terms of privacy and security is significant.

Whether you're a casual viewer or a streaming enthusiast, using a VPN with Stremio enhances your viewing experience substantially. It's a small investment for a significant upgrade in both content accessibility and online security.

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ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Stremio, offering an excellent balance of speed, security, and user-friendliness. Its wide server network and strong encryption make it ideal for seamless and secure streaming on Stremio.