How to block a number on iPhone and Android

How to block a number on iPhone and Android
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Is there a nuisance that continues to bombard you with calls on the phone and you dont know how to block a number? Are you tired of call centers that call you even on your mobile phone to offer you any kind of offers? Obviously you dont know yet how to block a number on your smartphone, but dont worry, its really a childs play.

If you have a latest-generation phone, such as an iPhone, an Android smartphone or a Windows Phone, you can take advantage of the system functions to filter calls and block unwanted numbers or you can turn to free apps, which allow you to block automatically calls from call centers and other known bores thanks to blacklists that are automatically updated (often with the direct contribution of users).

By using these solutions you will no longer be disturbed: you will no longer hear any ringing and will see notifications related to blocked calls. Whoever is on the other side will hear the busy signal after a first free ring. All clear? Well, then lets not get lost in preambles and lets see how to block a number of annoyers.

How to block a number on Android

Lets start by seeinghow to block a numberon Android.As just mentioned, the operating system of the green robot allows you to block calls both with the included standard features in almost all smartphones and with applications that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

System functions

If you dont want to use third-party applications, Click the Contacts app and create a new contact containing all the numbers to block. The operation is completed, select the contact you have just created and open it, now at the top right there are 3 dots click on it, now select block and click ok. Hurray! You have successfully blocked an annoying number.

Block Number on Android
Block Number on Android

All calls from the numbers included in the contact will be ignored. If you do not have any active answering service on your smartphone, the calls will be silenced and those on the other side will hear the busy signal.

On some smartphones, call blocking can also be activated by opening the dialer (the phone number dialing screen), pressing the Menu / More button located at the top right and selecting the Settings item from the menu that opens. Then go to the More Settings menu and select the Call Block> Voice Call items to block unwanted contacts. Also, note that on Android 6.0 and above you can also block numbers by opening the call history, keeping your finger pressed on a contact and selecting the lock option from the box that opens.

If you use a Samsung smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can block a number by starting the Phone app, pressing the More button located at the top right and selecting the Settings item from the menu that appears. Then you have to move to Reject calls> Blocked list and you have to choose whether to manually enter the phone number to be blocked or whether to select a number from the Phonebook or from the Call log (hence from the list of recent calls).

App to block calls on Android

If you want to block calls from call centers or other nuisances of various kinds, try Should I Answer? (Available on Play Store). It is a free application, thanks to its database which is updated on daily basis, allows you to recognize and block in advance all calls from call centers, telemarketing operators, possible scammers and annoyers recognized as such by the apps community.

When the operation is completed, start Should I Answer?, Choose whether to send anonymous statistics on incoming calls to the application developers and press the Continue button. Then go to the Alerts tab and make sure that the options Negative, Neutral, Positive and Unknown are all active. In this way Should I Answer? Will indicate the level of reliability of the sender for each call.

To activate the automatic blocking of calls, go to the Blocking tab of the application and activate the options related to the local numbers evaluated negatively, to the numbers evaluated negatively by the community and, if you want to block the calls of the caller with the anonymous, also to the numbers hidden. In doing so, the app will stop all calls from call centers, pests and other numbers deemed unreliable in the bud.

How to block a number on iPhone

Even the Apple iPhone includes a black list for blocking unwanted calls, and now well find out how to make the most of it.There are even apps for identifying annoyers but due to iOS restrictions they are less complete (and less numerous) than those for Android.Read on if you want to learn more.

System functions

Block Number on iPhone
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Simply go to your list of recent callers (open the Phone app, then hit the Recents tab at the bottom). Click the i symbol next to the unwanted number, scroll down and tap Block this Caller, then confirm your decision. You wont be bothered with any calls, texts or FaceTime calls from that number.


To block one or more numbers on the iPhone, go to the Contacts app and create a new contact containing all the numbers you want to block. Then go to the iOS Settings (the gear icon located in the home screen), select the Phone and Call Barring and identification items from the screen that opens and presses the Lock Contact button.

At this point, select the contact with the numbers to block that you created previously and youre done.All calls, FaceTime conversations and SMS messages from blocked numbers will be stopped at the beginning.

App to block calls on the iPhone

One of the best apps to block unwanted calls on the iPhone (or at least to prevent them) isTrueCaller, thanks to its database which is updated every day allows you to discover calls from call centers, telemarketing operators, scammers and various bores. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store but has a cost in terms of privacy: to use it you need to create a free account and consent to the publication of your mobile number on the services website.


The operation of TrueCaller is extremely intuitive. After downloading the application from the App Store, start it, accept the receipt of notifications by the latter by pressing the appropriate button and create your free account by typing your phone number in the text field.

At this point, you tap the Yes button, type in the verification code that is sent to you via SMS and complete the creation of your TrueCaller account by typing your name and surname (entering the email address is optional) or by pressing on the button for authentication via Facebook.

Once registration is complete, you must go to the iOS settings and activate the identification of incoming calls by TrueCaller (option available only in iOS 10 and later). Then open the iOS settings panel, go to Phone > Call barring and identification and switch the TrueCaller lever to ON.

When the operation is completed, open TrueCaller again, select the undesired ID card located at the bottom right and, if necessary, activate the filtering of calls from known nuisances by first pressing the Enable button and then OK two consecutive times. Subsequently, also press the Update now button to update the black list with the numbers to be filtered (an operation that you will have to perform from time to time).

From this moment on, TrueCaller will check the numbers of all incoming calls and will notify you of those from call centers, scammers etc. To block these calls automatically, go to the Other tab of TrueCaller, select the items Settings> More and activate the lever related to the option Save as contact. If you are asked for permission to access the iOS address book, you agree.

Then go to the menu Settings> Phone> Call barring and identification of iOS, press the Lock contact button and select the contact from the screen that opens. In this way you will add to the iOS blacklist the contact that is automatically created by TrueCaller and that contains all the numbers of the annoyers.

Note: if you decided to uninstall TrueCaller, deactivate your account by going to the More>Information> Deactivate application account menu and request the removal of the number from the TrueCaller website by following the instructions on this page.

How to block a number on Windows Phone

Do you use a Windows Phone?No problem, even the Microsoft operating system offers a practical call filter that allows you to block unwanted numbers.

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How block a number on Windows Phone? Start the dialer (the handset icon), select the calls tab from the screen that opens and hold your finger on the number to be blocked. At this point, select the block number item from the menu that opens, reply ok to the warning that appears on the screen and youre done.

In case of second thoughts, go back to the dialer, press on the button () located at the bottom right and select the entry calls blocked from the menu that appears. In the screen that opens, presses the blocked numbers button and select the number you want to remove from the blacklist.

And that wraps up our guide on How to block a number.