Tired of annoying ads? Here’s how you can block almost any ads including YouTube

Tired of annoying ads? Here’s how you can block almost any ads including YouTube
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With the digital world revolutionizing, digital advertisement is increasing day by day. Whilst some advertisers focus on user-experience others blatantly focuses on spamming their ad in front of the user, which in turn annoys and forces the user to move towards Ad Blocker.

But, the question is how to block them? You might be thinking about some free ad-blockers here, let me indulge you. There are tons of free-ad-blockers in the marketplace and are also used by lots of users but are not as effective as they should be.

If you ever scroll down to the comments/review section of those extensions, youll notice that lots of them are complaining about High memory usage and Unable to completely block ads.

And thats exactly where PopGuard helps us. Popguard, used and trusted by 45000+ users worldwide is one of the most competent extensions on the market that helps block all-kinds of annoying ads. And thats not it! It also helps your device stay malware-free

Here are some of the most useful feature of PopGuard:

  • Block all sorts of popup ads
  • Protect Password, bank details, and other information.
  • Removes Javascript and Onclick Ads in Chrome.
  • Block Youtube Ads: Popguard is adept at removing ads from YouTube videos. It also removes any ads that appear before the video starts.
  • Block web ads: Those pesky ads often intrude when youre browsing. Popguard blocks those ads without any hassle.
  • Track malware: Popguard guards your computer against malware so that you can surf the internet safely & securely.
  • Protect Data: Popguard believes that data is the users right to privacy. We never receive any data from the websites you visit.
  • Browse faster: Once all the bothersome popups are blocked, nothing can stop you from browsing at lightning speeds.

Popguard is proficient at blocking all types of advertisements from major platforms. Be it web ads, YouTube commercials, flashy banners, pop-unders, etc., youll get rid of them without much hassle.

Popguard is known for blocking notorious online tracking services that are harmful. Banking is an essential activity most of us take granted for but Popguard doesnt. It protects your banking details, passwords, and other sensitive information. Popguard does not keep any information for itself. Browsing fast depends on the internet connection but having a faster connection along with pesky ads can hinder your quick search. When said ads are blocked, you get a fast and clean browsing experience. PopGuard is popular with over 45000+ users Worldwide.

Youve won some money! Ever got such fraudulent ads? Miscreants target your computer via phishing ads/websites. Popguard ensures your protection at all costs. Moreover, everyone who uses Chrome knows that its prone to a lot of clickbait. In such events, Popguard removes Javascript and Onclick ads.

Plus, PopGuard is cheap as compared to other rivals out there.

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