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Virtual currency across the board, green bitcoin rose 7% and returned to the $4,000 mark

At 14 o’clock on November 26, the price of bitcoin rose back to the 4,000-dollar mark. The virtual currency market was green and the price was recovering.


Specifically, as of press time, Bitcoin rose 7.63% in 24 hours to close at $4032. After falling below $3,700 on November 25, it returned to the $4,000 mark, but in weeks, Bitcoin this week. It fell 25%, and $4,000 is still some distance from the price of $6,300 at the beginning of this month.

The second largest virtual currency XRP rose 8.14% in 24 hours, to close at 0.3777 US dollars, but in weekly units, XRP still fell more than 23%.

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As for the (the second largest virtual currency), the third largest virtual currency ETH (Ethereum) rose 8.11%, to close at 115.79 US dollars, compared with the beginning of the month, the price is almost waist-high.

Most of the top 20 virtual currencies have seen an increase of 10%-20%. The total market value of the virtual currency is about 129.5 billion US dollars, up 8.4 billion US dollars compared with yesterday’s 121.1 billion US dollars.

Recently, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets suffered consecutive losses. On November 14, Bitcoin fell 11%, and the price fell to 5,500 US dollars. On November 20, Bitcoin fell more than 17% within 24 hours, and the price once fell. At $4,300, the price fell below the cost of mining machines, and small and medium-sized miners were on the brink of collapse. On November 25th, Bitcoin fell 14% again, falling below $3,700.

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