Could solo leveling anime become reality? Petition exceeds 70,000 signatures

The recent confirmation of the anime adaptation of Tower of God has rekindled the hopes of fans of Solo Leveling, the extraordinary manhwa (South Korean manga counterpart) of Chu-Gong focused on the adventures of the Hunter Sung Jin-Woo. Readers have been asking for an anime adaptation of the work for years, and who knows if this is really going to happen.

For the less accustomed to the genre, remember that Solo Leveling is the name of a series of novels written by the aforementioned Chu-Gong. The work received a manhwa adaptation in 2018 and literally exploded on the web, gathering consensus from all sides and obtaining ratings ranging between 9 and 10/10.

Solo leveling – an extraordinary manhwa

The success has led fans to ask loudly for an anime adaptation, which according to some rumors may have already been in the pipeline for a few months. Obviously these are rumors to be taken with pliers, but it is true that given what happened with Tower of God, the possibility of seeing a television transposition would seem to be anything but unrealistic. The petition created by fans on, among other things, is growing day by day, and is now in the process of exceeding 75,000 signatures.

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The Solo Leveling manhwa is completely in color and presents an artistic style with attention to the smallest details. The very high quality of the product would require an important effort in terms of budget, who knows therefore that production cannot end up in the hands of some industry giant.

Update: Solo Leveling anime petition exceeds 77K supporters, new target set for 150K

In case you didn’t know the work, we remind you that the synopsis reads as follows: “Portals with monsters have started appearing on Planet Earth. The Hunters, the name of the hunters who after the invasion obtained more or less useful divine powers, are part of several associations that deal with cleaning and closing them, an action that can only be accomplished by knocking down the final boss present in them. If they fail, the portals will eventually open up, allowing monsters to massacre humans. Sung Jin-Woo is the weakest hunter in the world but one day, after completing a quest present in a terrifying dungeon, he acquires the unique ability to be able to “level”. By starting to climb the ranks, Sung Jin-Woo begins to change his personality and becomes stronger and more confident .

And what do you think of it? Would you like to see an anime adaptation of Solo Leveling? Let us know with a comment!

If you want to sign the petition as well, then visit this link. (I have signed the petition too!)

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