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Rumour: Upcoming Fortnite updates dates and contents unveiled

Fortnite Update

After the arrival of the new Proximity Granade Launcher, that is the strongest weapon ever on Fortnite, today we bring you another very interesting news concerning the official dates released for the next update of the most played battle royal in the world.

According to a source, these updates will start next week starting from June 11th and will continue until July 9th. Below is the list with dates and contents that will be released.

V9.20 Update (6/11/19) will include:

  • New Sci-Fi pistol named Plasmatron 9000
  • A new wargames simulation/challenge, Quantum Countdown, will also be available

–V9.30 will have 3 separate content updates–

Update v9.30  (6/18/19):

  • Return of the Diecast Jonesy
  • Return of Chromium Ramirez
  • Endurance option will be available in storm shield
  • The “Recover data” (Beta Storm version) and “Refueling” modes are available again as permanent missions

V9.30 Content Update 1 (6/25/19) :

  • In Wargames mode “Shortcut” will be inserted.
  • Sci-Fi Bat
  • Summer event: a new quest available every day. Complete 14 to receive an exclusive weapon.
  • Wargames – Shortcut

V9.30 Content Update 2 (7/2/19):

  • Star-Spangled Headhunter (Return)
  • Patriot Penny (Return)
  • Old Glory AC (Return)
  • Stars and Stripes Jonesy – Complete one of the 14 quests to unlock this hero
  • Freedom’s Herald Pistol (Return)
  • Wargames – Meltdown

V9.30 Content Update 3 (7/9/19):

  • Sci-Fi Launcher
  • Wargames – Double Trouble

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