ID Cards

Identification cards have been around for several years now. They have become an increasingly proficient form of technology, capable of facilitating access control, application processing, two-factor authentication, data storage, and much more. As such, they are hugely beneficial to businesses who want to improve the efficiency of their operations. But if you need further convincing, you should keep reading. We’ve written this article to explain all the different reasons why businesses would benefit from utilising an ID card system.

1.) Improved Security

ID cards have predominately been used to improve security for businesses in the past. They mainly do this through access control and identity authentication. This means that only those with the proper authorisation can enter the premises or use certain applications (like the computers), thereby protecting both the business’s physical and digital resources. ID card systems are also able to monitor who accessed what and when, helping to prevent internal theft.

2.) Increased Productivity

Believe it or not, ID cards can increase the productivity of organizations, too. They do this by automating certain processes such as ticketing and vending. This is especially useful for businesses like transport stations, gyms, or entertainment stadiums because they can cut down on queues for their services. Regarding the general workplace, ID card systems can be implemented to monitor when employees are clocking in and out. As a result, managers are able to find out who is consistently being tardy and address the issue with them.

3.) Free Advertising

ID cards like the HID Prox can be fully customized with text, artwork, microprinting or holograms. Your employees will then wear them on lanyards while going about their daily business, like food shopping after work or dealing with clients. Not only does this make your workers look more professional but their eye-catching accessories will help market your organization’s brand.

4.) Returning Customers

Everyone knows that loyal customers are the best way to guarantee a recurring source of income for your business. But did you know that ID card systems can help you with this? Retailers everywhere are now creating loyalty schemes and using ID cards to facilitate them. For example, big supermarkets provide their customers with loyalty cards that reward them with additional credit if they buy at the shop frequently enough. As a result, consumers are more likely to consistently shop with them.

5.) Better Hygiene

Most ID cards are contactless nowadays. Not only does contactless technology help make processes quicker and easier, but it also helps to improve hygiene, which is of paramount importance following on from the pandemic. For instance, people can use cashless vending with their contactless ID cards, so money doesn’t have to be exchanged by hand. We also don’t need to use touchpoints as much anymore because contactless ID card systems can do things like open doors or turn on the lights.

We hope you have found this article illuminating. Now you know all about ID card systems, will you be implementing them into your business?

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