On Friday Amazon employees were greeted with an unusual requirement, via email, the company asked them to remove TikTok from their cell phones. The alleged reason? To avoid security problems.

A few hours later, Amazon unbanned the TikTok video-sharing app from employee mobile devices, calling the move a mistake.

It is noteworthy that the decision was taken in the same week when the United States government admitted it intended to ban the service.

Blind, an anonymous community of 3.6MM+ verified professionals (and 65,000 Amazon employees within the community) ran a survey gauging how Amazon employees felt about the ban. Here are some key learnings from 348 Amazon employees:

  1. Were you told to delete TikTok from your phone?

    65% of Amazon employees answered “yes”

  2. Will you delete TikTok from your phone?

    Less than ⅓ of Amazon employees answered “yes”

  3. Do you agree that there are “security risks” to Amazon if you were to keep TikTok on your phone?

    63% of Amazon employees agree that there are “security risks”

Last month, TikTok was included in a list of 59 Chinese apps banned by India: officially, the country believes that these apps are being used as spying tools by the Chinese government. The United States government has expressed similar concerns.

Aidan Rogers
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