Apple recently released the first iOS 13.3 beta for developers. Of the many new features, highlight the fact that makes the iPhone faster and without memory problems.

A week after the release of iOS 13.2, Apple has now released iOS 13.2.2.

IOS 13.2.2 includes bug fixes and enhancements for the iPhone. This update:

  • Addresses an issue that could lead to unexpected applications shutting down in the background;
  • Resolves an issue that could lead to temporary loss of mobile service on iPhone after a call;
  • Solves a problem that made mobile data temporarily unavailable;
    resolves an issue that made replies to S / MIME-encrypted email messages between
  • Exchange accounts unreadable;
    resolves an issue that could cause an authentication prompt to appear when using
  • Kerberos single sign-on service in Safari;
  • Solves a problem that could interrupt the loading of YubiKey accessories with Lightning connector.

In addition to this new version for the iPhone, the Cupertino company has also released iPadOS 13.2.2.

As with other problems encountered, Cupertino’s company has been giving an almost just in time answer. Such a stance somewhat increases users’ confidence in the brand and its products.

Read also: iOS 13.2 users found biggest bug in memory

Ryan Warner
Ryan is a US based student, he is currently pursuing his Advanced Astronomy degree.
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