China's lunar Yutu-2 rover examines 'foreign substance' found in moon crater

Recently, the Lunar Yutu-2 rover has discovered an unusually colored and ‘jelly-like’ substance during moon exploration activities. However, nothing has yet been said about such material. Since China reached the “dark” side of the moon, a lot of news has been made known from a place never before explored.

Now, with new photos, the mysterious material continues to intrigue scientists. In this sense, curiosity grows to know what material was found.

Strange material found in a moon crater

During its last lunar day of exploration, the Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 tripped over a strange “gelatinous” substance in the middle of a crater. Chinese lunar scientists were perplexed, but there were suggestions that the material was created by a meteor impact that caused the molten glass to fall behind.

Shortly after the discovery, China put Yutu-2 to act as a detective, a space Sherlock Holmes. The idea is to solve this intriguing case of something strange inhabiting the moon.

In a recent press release by Andrew Jones from, Chinese scientists detail their mission in the crater to study the strange substance. However, there was no comprehensive explanation about the unusual substance. Thus, the discovery remains inconclusive as to its origin and how it ended up in the 2-meter crater.

On the last day of exploration of the Yutu-2 (a 14-day moon cycle), the rover surveyed the site again. This time with a little more boldness.

Spectrometer aboard spacecraft will have new clues

In the second approach, the Yutu-2 probe moved even closer to the crater. It was thus able to give scientists the best chance of detecting with the on-board spectrometer. The risky maneuver was hotly debated by the teams of scientists and operators, according to the latest information. However, in the end, it seems to have been worth it. A piece of the material has been detected, but scientists from the lunar program have not yet revealed what exactly they found.

Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 tripped over a strange “gelatinous” substance

The surface on the other side of the moon has remained out of reach of human explorers, but Yutu-2 has done an excellent job of providing the Terrans with excellent panoramas of the desolate plains.

The rover, the first to explore the far side of the moon. It landed on the lunar surface in January and will continue to explore lunar soil for a few more weeks.

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Ryan Warner
Ryan is a US based student, he is currently pursuing his Advanced Astronomy degree.
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