Google has confidential plans to test a 6 GHz wireless network in nearly three dozen American cities. The use of this network within the test is still unknown since it can be from any part of the possibilities of 5G, going up to Wi-Fi 6E which was recently authorized to work at exactly this frequency.

The test was discovered in a request to the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The document found says only that the objective is to “produce technical information relevant to the usefulness of these frequencies to provide reliable broadband connections“.

The plan involves 26 cities in the United States in 17 states and is expected to take place over two years. The list includes populous and important states, such as California, where Google is located, Florida from Disney parks, New York, Texas, Virginia, and even distant and separate Alaska.

Having “broadband” within the application may imply that the search giant wants to use the network for some type of access to the internet, but it remains unclear whether it will be done by 6E Wi-Fi routers that work at 6 GHz or by 5G network in an unlicensed spectrum that rotates between 5 GHz and 6 GHz.

There is even the possibility of using the 6 GHz network for conversation between two or more vehicles, an expectation that can be fed precisely by the autonomous steering arm that Google, by Alphabet Inc, has had at Waymo since 2009. In the open field, the 6 GHz ensures a greater amount of data traveling, but the range suffers in the same proportion and this can be tested at home with dual-band routers: the 2.4 GHz connection goes further than the 5 GHz connection, only with speed bottom.

Aidan Rogers
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