Hey Google Event

Google announced an event for the segment of the smart home that will take place on July 8th.

The event will be called “Hey Google” Smart Home Virtual Summit and will be able to follow everything through the company’s website created for the presentation.

Google event for smart homes

Through the Google Developers platform, the American giant announced its next event. Named “Hey Google” Smart Home Virtual Summit, this event is programmers-focused.

The presentation will take place on the 8th of this month of July, that is, next Wednesday, focusing on the theme of smart homes. The event will then address the development of various technologies, with special attention from Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant.

The announcement was made by Toni Klopfenstein, responsible for the relationship with the programmers, where he leaves the invitation to all interested parties:

Over the past year, we’ve focused on creating new tools and resources to support our community of smart home product developers. While we were unable to chat in person at Google I / O, we are pleased to announce “Hey Google” Smart Home VirtualSummit on July 8 – an opportunity to come together and dive into the exciting new next resources for developers and users of home products smart.

Join us at the presentation in which Michele Turner, director of product management for the SmartHome ecosystem, will share recent initiatives targeting smart home products and how programmers can benefit from these products.

In addition to the technological giant, the presentation is joined by people linked to major brands such as LG and IKEA.

This event will be fully broadcast in digital format through the “Hey Google” page. It is free for everyone and anyone interested in attending should just do a quick registration here.

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