Instagram is working on a powerful video editor “inspired” by TikTok

The Instagram team is constantly working on new features called Instagram scenes with which to enrich this popular social network and make it more and more competitive, and one of the feature that could soon be implemented recalls a feature already available on TikTok.

We refer to a feature called Scenes and which should represent the solution designed by Instagram to allow users to “work” and “remix” their videos to be published later in the Stories.

This was revealed by Jane Manchun Wong with a message on Twitter, adding that other users will be able to “remix” these Scenes in the event that the account of origin is public.

To make this feature called Scenes very interesting, there are some tools designed to make videos more appealing, such as effects based on Augmented Reality, the ability to manage the clip’s playback speed or apply a timer.

Instagram Scenes

At the moment there are no guarantees that this new feature (which seems to be a sort of enhanced version of another feature called Clips, long tested by the Instagram team but then not released publicly) will be made available to all users. We’ll see.

Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker
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