iOS 13 has been in trouble since it was released. These are small situations that have prevented users from using this system and iPhone completely. Apple has been able to solve them, even if they come up repeatedly.

One of the last flaws was associated with memory management and came up with iOS 13.2. Everything points to its being solved, having the first test version of the next iOS dealt with the problem.

Since iOS 13.2 came out, several issues affected iPhone and iPad

Since iOS 13.2 came out, problem complaints have been on the rise. Users reported serious memory issues, with apps reloading frequently when in the background.

Apparently the problem would be in the way this system was managing memory, which was too aggressive. This forced recurring app changes, losing all that the user had done over the time they used them.

New IOS 13.3 will address memory management issue

Apple has never taken a public stance on this issue and has never acknowledged its existence by referring to silence. However, everything appears to have been focused on your solution. This is now visible in the first trial version of iOS 13.3.

Some users who are testing this new version have noticed an important change. Now, when testing the same scenario with background apps, they are no longer recurring to free up the required memory.

Apple eventually resolved this system crash

While there is this apparent improvement, not all users are yet aware of its presence in this new version of Apple OS. This should be enhanced in future trial releases as expected initially.

It is hoped that this time this issue will be resolved and iOS will be free of all the issues that have affected it. Who will benefit most from these fixes is the equipment that thus works more fluidly and without performance problems.

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