The Apple Watch will soon be able to detect atrial fibrillation with the ECG app even with a high heart rate, allowing in many cases to take measurements even without the need to relax in advance.

The ECG app available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later generates an electrocardiogram similar to a single-lead ECG, can provide heart rate and rhythm information, and allows for atrial fibrillation classification. A heart rate below 50 BMP or above 120 BMP affects the ECG app’s ability to check for atrial fibrillation and recording is not considered satisfactory in these cases.

A reduced heart rate can result from the use of certain medications or from the inadequate transmission of electrical signals through the heart. Practicing competitive sports can also help lower heart rate. An elevated heart rate can be due to physical activity, stress, nervousness, alcohol, dehydration, infections, atrial fibrillation, or other forms of arrhythmia.

MyHealthApple reports that Apple asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, the US government body that deals with the regulation of food and pharmaceutical products) the approval of changes to the app that will allow it to measure high heart rates, above 150 BMP. The news in question should be available in the upcoming watchOS 7.2 but in some countries, we will have to wait for similar approvals from local authorities that perform similar functions to the FDA by approving such features on this type of product.

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