The extension of the ban to Huawei, which currently cannot trade with American companies due to the executive order signed in May by President Trump, which imposed a ban on the Chinese giant, will be valid for only three weeks.

The news was reported by the New York Times and subsequently by Reuters, according to which this is a temporary extension in view of a longer extension.

Extension for mobile operators

Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross confirms that there are some bureaucratic hurdles to overcome for the longer duration extension, which will give oxygen to mobile operators engaged in rural areas of the United States.

The latter are definitely worried by the news that next week the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) could vote on a measure that prevents companies from using federal funds to buy network equipment from Huawei and ZTE.

To guarantee coverage in the rural areas of the USA, American operators have made extensive use of the Universal Service Fund, preferring Huawei products because they are decidedly cheaper than those of the competition. It is precisely to ensure coverage of 3G and 4G networks in the many rural areas of the United States that temporary licenses have been granted to continue the relationship with Huawei, but things could change soon.

Go ahead with Trump

Although business negotiations with China have stalled, and new customs duties are in sight that will impact the pockets of US users and companies again (contrary to what President Trump claims), the time of release of the business licenses.

In the face of over 200 questions, however, only a small part will be accepted, and Wilbur Ross stated that the issue is being considered by the authorities, after Trump had given the green light for the granting of licenses in October. That they were not related to “non-sensitive” products.

Huawei reassures users

At each renewal of temporary licenses Huawei is forced to face the same questions from its users, worried that failure to renew could make it impossible to continue using Huawei smartphones. The Chinese giant wanted to release a further press release to reassure its users and partners about the matter.

The extension of the suspension by the US government will expire on Monday 18 November. This brings the news on the suspension of the official license for Android to the fore again. In recent months the problem has often been misinterpreted and there have been numerous misleading news. From the apps that will no longer work to speculation that Android would disappear from the devices overnight.

To anticipate these speculations, which cause doubts and uncertainties for many users and readers, we want to update you on the current situation, because despite any decision by the US government, our promise for the future continues to be valid.

In other words, regardless of the decision, there are no restrictions in terms of functionality for Huawei devices or in terms of future security and operation. we will continue to provide security patches and software updates for current models through the AOSP project. This is valid for all models already sold and those currently on the market.

For example, some of the most popular models, such as the P30 and Mate 20 series, are about to be updated to Android 10. Even in terms of applications, everything will remain the same. Our users will be able to continue to use their own applications and enjoy the service of guarantees and after-sales assistance. Regardless of the negotiations with the USA, nothing will change for our users.

We will continue to work with our global partners to ensure technological innovations to our users around the world. Our commitment and our goals will not change. Our users come first, regardless of the challenges we face.

Zorain Zubair
Zorain is co-founder of TechLapse. Based in Pakistan, Zorain is currently studying Business Management and aims to achieve the title of Chartered Accountant. Zorain loves writing about various technology news. He can be reached at: [email protected]
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