In recent years WhatsApp has gained popularity as well as new functions. Always focused on privacy, Facebook’s communications platform has also been inspired by other platforms in the market.

Reported by WaBetaInfo which reveals that WhatsApp users may soon get the ability to have their messages self-destruct after a set period. This is another feature for those who like maximum security. According to what has been revealed, the user can define whether a message will expire within 5 seconds or within an hour.

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The ability to have messages disappear forever after a fixed amount of time could come in handy to users who share sensitive information with friends and colleagues on the app. It’s one of the most popular features on instant messaging client Telegram or Signal for instance.

In addition, this feature will initially only be available to groups. At a later stage you can reach the private chats.


WhatsApp is one of the favorite messaging platforms. The features are many and the simplicity of use have helped in the success of this platform. At the security level it also offers some mechanisms like two factor authentication. 2-step verification is an optional mechanism to add even more security to your account. When you enable 2-step verification, any attempt to verify your WhatsApp phone number must be accompanied by a six-digit PIN.

It remains unclear how soon if ever WhatsApp plans to roll out this feature to all its users.

Aidan Rogers
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