iPhone XS Max with iOS 13 in Dark Mode can save your battery upto 30 percent

The popular Dark Mode is not just a design feature. By enabling such an option, it is possible to save battery power and in some cases the savings are significant.

According to a recent test, an iPhone XS Max with iOS 13 in Dark Mode can save up to 30% battery life.

Aware of the issue of energy efficiency, app makers have been making available the “popular” D Mode. Most operating systems already have this option, but there are also some apps that allow it.

Recently PhoneBuff conducted a test to evaluate Dark Mode vs Light Mode on an iPhone XS Max with iOS 13 (and OLED screen).

Dark Mode vs Light Mode on iPhone XS Max

As it turned out in the video, the author of the test used four apps for the test. The apps used were Messaging, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Maps. Each app was used for two hours and performed the same actions. In one of the smartphones was activated the D Mode function.

After using the Messaging app, the smartphone with the system in Dark Mode had 88% battery. The smartphone with the system in Light Mode had 83%. The next test was with Twitter. In the end, the smartphone with the system in D Mode had 72% and the other 57%.

With YouTube the system in D Mode now has a difference of 23% (system in D Mode with 43% and the other with only 20%). Finally, when using Google Maps, the smartphone with the system in Dark Mode ended with 30%. The smartphone where the system was in Light Mode only withstood 1h33 of the 2h test.

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Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker
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