Finding the status of your iPhone battery? Use the Macbook

The iPhone battery has been able to adjust autonomy for the general market. However, the demands of iOS have forced these devices to more strangely manage their power availability. With this, the user does not know if the iPhone battery that serves him still enjoys a good youth. The secret is in diagnosis and prevention.

In that sense, today we leave some tips for use on your Mac and an app that gives a lot of information about the battery life of Apple’s smartphone. Come and meet the coconut Battery.

We often leave the suggestion to users to perform a diagnosis and calibration of their MacBook. As you will surely remember, we suggest using Watt, a very effective app that helps to improve your computer’s battery performance.

So today we’re going to show you a two-in-one, that is, let’s go back to an app we introduced in 2011, coconutBattery to diagnose not only your MacBook battery, but also your iPad / iPhone battery.

Coconut Battery – Your device health checker

With the coconutBattery app, users are aware of the battery health of their Mac and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) in real time.


  • Current Charge – The current battery charge (in mAh – milliampere-hours)
  • Maximum charge – Maximum battery charge capacity (in mAh – milliampere hours)
  • Native Capacity – Battery charge capacity when device left factory (in mAh – milliampere hours)
  • Model – Apple Model Mac or Battery ID Sequence
  • Manufacturing Date – Calculating the age of your Mac or battery using the production date encoded in the Mac or battery serial number (Note: For Macs, only the manufacturing week can be calculated, in which case the date represents the first day of production week)
  • Battery charge cycles – How often the battery has been charged from 0% to 100%. Its Apple Lithium-Ion battery charges quickly to 80% capacity, then shifts to a slower charge. ( Apple Battery Information Page )
  • Battery Temperature – This is the current temperature inside the battery. Keep the temperature low to increase battery life. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by clicking on the temperature
  • Battery Usage – Your MacBook’s Current Power Consumption

How to diagnose your iPhone battery

Let’s then resort to this app to know the vitality of energy storage on iPhone or iPad. This app works only on macOS. So if you have Windows you can ask a friend with Mac to make this test easier for you.

Click here to download

Step 1 – Download Application

Go to the CoconutBattery page and download the app. It is currently in coconut Battery version 3.8. Download it here:

Now that you have downloaded, unzip the downloaded zip and drag the app to the Applications’ folder (to make it easier to find the app later).

Step 2 – Know the Information Shown by the Application

Now that the app is open, you will find that there are two areas: This Mac and iOS Device. So here are two zones we can use to diagnose both our Macbook battery and our iOS device battery.

Using Mac to diagnose

As noted above, this app analyzes various informational aspects of battery life and other related information.

As we can see, in the case of our MacBook Pro, the maximum battery charge will be 6669 mHh. However, it currently shows a capacity of 58.9% (which differs from the information shown in the macOS menu by about 1%).

In addition, this app also shows the date of manufacture of the MacBook Pro, the cycles already performed, the battery quality assessment taking into account the analytical parameters. We can also see the battery temperature and power consumption that MBP is demanding.

Finally, as you can see from the image above, you can learn more about the life of this battery until you know who the manufacturer was.

IOS device – This menu basically brings the same information related now to the iOS device and brings the storage information of the iPhone or iPad.

As pictured above, our iPhone XS Max, at the age of 391 days, has 218 cycles. Not bad, care has been taken to manage their availability with the need to charge the battery.

This tool is important to keep pace with your device’s aging. In addition, the tool lets you understand if something is being done wrong. Something about user behavior that could damage the natural process of use.

Compliment to your battery management

According to the rule we follow, this app may be used in cooperation with the aforementioned Watt. This will give you a fantastic complement to your battery management.

This way you will have this important component well optimized and with long life.

So if you wish to have this information on the menu within the app go to MacOS Menu and  Preference of  coconutBattery. Then enable the presence option in the menu bar.

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Ryan Warner
Ryan is a US based student, he is currently pursuing his Advanced Astronomy degree.
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