Leaked battery capacity of two upcoming Samsung smartphones

The first will be a “Galaxy F” flip smartphone rumored to be released soon this year. Although it is a large screen separated by special hinges, it will have up to two separate batteries to power the entire device. Specifically, each battery will have a capacity of 2190 mAh (total of 4380 mAh) but the recorded code name is different: EB-BF900ABU and EB-BF901ABU.

Besides, one of the mid-range smartphones with Samsung’s first water drop screen – Galaxy A70 also leaked some hardware information. The device’s battery has an EB-BA705ABU code with a large capacity of 4400 mAH – also the 4000mAh battery of Galaxy A50 and 5000mAh from Galaxy M20. The heart of the device will be the 10nm Exynos 9610 processor and the display will use AMOLED panels – both components are manufactured by Samsung itself.

So right from the first months of 2019, Samsung is expected to launch 4 new product lines including: flagship Galaxy S10 trio, high-end smartphone series Galaxy A-series (A50, A70, A90), three Galaxy M-series smartphones (M10, M20, M30) and Galaxy F. folding screen smartphone

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