As early as this year, Honor Magic 2 was displayed to the public in a full-screen slide. After the first time, Xiaomi and Lenovo were blown up. Weibo’s new machine with sliding full screen was coming soon, and now we have experienced it. Xiaomi MIX 3, Honor Magic 2, Lenovo Z5 Pro released today also uses slide screen full screen design, then what about the experience? Let’s take a look:

Slide full screen is the biggest highlight

There have been countless real and comprehensive screen products on the market this year. In fact, how much improvement in the real-screen experience is not what everyone cares about the most. What technology does the mobile phone manufacturer use to hide the front opening? With the sensor, thus achieving a true full screen.

We can see the front camera hidden behind the screen through mechanical structure, but the way of implementation is divided into automatic and manual, Lenovo Z5 Pro is the latter, manually sliding through the entire screen to expose the front camera and other components .

In the actual experience, the slide of Lenovo Z5 Pro is very different from that of Xiaomi MIX 3. The former is smoother and easier, and the latter has more damping and strength . The main reason is that the Z5 Pro is designed with double spiral slides. The six-position guide structure is used to connect the slider to the bottom of the fuselage, while the MIX 3 is magnetic.

As far as I personally, I prefer the smooth feel of the Z5 Pro. After all, the slide form is only a transitional solution to achieve 100% full screen distance. One more interactive action is a trouble for the user, and it is lighter and smoother. The slippery feel allows the user to ignore the slider as much as possible, effectively reducing the presence of this interaction.

But to be honest, the Z5 Pro has a serious compromise on the size and weight of the body in order to adopt the design of the slider. The body measurements are 155 x 73 x 9.9mm and the weight is 210g . The first feeling of this size and weight is pressing hands for the long-term use and the thickness of the main body is also unfriendly in the present, fortunately, the back of the design with a large curvature to fit the palm, it is acceptable in the hand.

Slider full screen, slide is on the one hand, the screen is also indispensable, the body is equipped with 6.39-inch Samsung Super AMOLED full screen, the screen ratio is 19.5:9, the frame is narrow to 2.35mm, the official claim that the screen accounted for 95% the above. The screen quality adopted by Z5 Pro is good, the naked eye is comfortable and transparent, and the color is accurate. The tuning of the screen is still worthy of recognition.

Interaction around the slider

On Xiaomi MIX 3, we saw that Xiaomi has given the slider a lot of quick scenes. The user can customize what is turned on when the slider is opened, which is similar to defining the slider itself as a switch button. But the Z5 Pro is completely different. The premise of the realization of many functions is based on the action of sliding the slide.

For example, when you want to answer the phone, because there is no earpiece at the top of the screen, you need to slide down the cover to answer; when you want to use the face to unlock, you must slide the cover to identify; when you want to experience Dolby sound, you also need to slide down Cover.

The result is that the slider becomes the basis of many functions. It can’t open the front camera like a MIX 3, and the slide cover performs the specified action. These two designs have their own advantages, disadvantages and requirements and usage scenarios.

Z5 Pro supports a wide range of unlocking methods. For example, the infrared face unlock mentioned above requires a sliding cover for facial recognition when unlocking. It can also be recognized in the dark by infrared scheme, but in fact, it must be slid every time it is unlocked. The cost of the cover is still somewhat high, and the product team may have considered this problem. Therefore, the Z5 Pro is also equipped with an off-screen fingerprint to unlock, which can bring a smoother unlocking posture; secondly, it can improve the security of biometric verification; The third is that it is not necessary to open a hole in the back, and the fingerprint is placed after the installation to destroy the integrity.

Snapdragon 710 is enough for daily use

Hardware configuration, Lenovo Z5 Pro equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor, supplemented with 6GB RAM and 64/128GB ROM, this year is a mid-range mainstream configuration, daily use is completely no problem, probably because of the final price Competitive considerations, Lenovo did not add the flagship processor to this flagship appearance of the phone, it is a pity.

After we got the mobile phone, we carried out the Antutu Benchmark. Due to the engineering prototype we got the score of 145,000 points which was not the normal result of the 710 processor. In the future, the model of the commercial version should be improved.

For the most direct performance of the game is the game, ZZ Pro equipped with ZUI 10.0 unique Atom Engine, the game can be adjusted to high-performance mode when the game starts, and the memory is cleaned up to achieve game acceleration, we also actually tested the king’s glory game experience, Adjust the picture quality of the game to the highest level, open the multi-thread mode, can stabilize 60 frames in the normal scene, fluctuate between 57-60 frames during the group battle, it can be said that the game experience is still in place, the only problem is that the machine is too Thick and uncomfortable to hold.


Photo performance is basically satisfactory

The Lenovo Z5 Pro is equipped with 25 megapixel + 16 megapixel rear dual cameras, and the sensor is IMX576+IMX519. The interaction from the camera to the imaging is satisfactory. We will look through the proofs:

In the case of sufficient daylight, the camera has fast focusing speed, resolution and white balance in the film, and the color reproduction is accurate. Compared with the effect of the iPhone camera, the real scene is restored, and the color is more aggressive than some photo algorithms. More meager.


In portrait mode, the portrait and background edges are excessively natural, and the background has a progressive depth of field effect, which is not a simple blurring process, and the filming effect is good.


The dark light photo is a weaker part of the Z5 Pro. It is not very good on anti-shake. It has a higher paste rate when shooting, and the white balance at night is not as accurate as during the day, but the brightness and resolution of the picture are still The performance is better, the overall night film is not good, it can only be seen.

The Z5 Pro is equipped with a 16 megapixel camera in front of it. It is officially claimed to be a medical beauty camera. It can be used for face, facial features, skin enhancement + beauty + stereo light, making the photos more beautiful and beautiful. At the same time, I learned the facial features of domestic and foreign stars, so that the film is more in line with the mainstream aesthetic of the masses.

Excellent sound quality

Another point worth mentioning is the sound quality of the Z5 Pro. This should be surprising. First of all, there is not much sound quality in the domestic machine. Secondly, considering the positioning of this phone, the full screen of the slider is full. And because the slider design itself requires more internal space, it is understandable that there is compromise on the speaker.

But this time, the Dolby sound effect has brought a good external release effect. When watching the video, the slide cover is opened, the sound quality is adjusted to the maximum, and there is still a thick voice performance.

Lenovo can say a lot of twists and turns in mobile phones. The most seen on this Z5 Pro is the sincerity of Lenovo’s return, sliding full screen + screen fingerprint + The configuration of infrared facial recognition is quite kind, but the full screen of the slide is not the final form of the mobile phone. The friends in the market are already preparing for the more possibilities of the mobile phone. I also hope that Lenovo will not stop investing in innovative R&D. More sincere and innovative models can really get on the right track.


Finally, let’s talk about the purchase suggestion: If you can accept the thickness and weight of this phone, and want to experience the freshness of a full-screen slide, you can consider adding it to the shopping list. But if you don’t chase the full screen of the slider and hope that your phone is strong and durable, there are other models on the market worth considering.


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Zorain Zubair
Zorain is co-founder of TechLapse. Based in Pakistan, Zorain is currently studying Business Management and aims to achieve the title of Chartered Accountant. Zorain loves writing about various technology news. He can be reached at: [email protected]
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