Spotify will be pre-installed on Samsung smartphones with 6 months of premium for Galaxy S10 owners

Spotify and Samsung are expanding their agreement and have announced that the famous application for music streaming will be pre-installed on many devices produced by the Korean company.

Two companies had signed a notice, making the Spotify music default option to Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant released in 2012. Including this app in the company’s smartphone would therefore seem to be a logical choice.

It’s not over here: owners of a smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, the company’s new top-range, will get 6 months free of Spotify premium. The initiative, however, is dedicated exclusively to new customers of the music streaming platform. All those who have already signed up for a Spotify premium plan or have used the free trial month will not be able to take advantage of the free six months.

This gift would seem to be a good initiative to increase sales of the new top of the range Samsung. For the moment, as communicated by the source, the offer is reserved exclusively for owners of a Galaxy S10 in the United States of America . We do not exclude, perhaps after a first step, that companies can extend the premium to European consumers too.

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