Appy Pie’s Color Wheel: a new design tool for Designers & Amateurs

Appy Pie’s Color Wheel: a new design tool for Designers & Amateurs
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Humans are visual by nature and what we see has the most impact on the choices we make. In this digitally inclined world, every business out there has the intent to make the maximum impact and gain the maximum exposure. Whether it is through a website or through a mobile app, businesses are looking for avenues to create the best possible impression and a strong digital presence.

Most of the businesses have started using mobile applications to go with the websites in order to target greater audiences. The right selection of colors can add a pinch of beauty to the digital attributes, which is why graphic designers use the color wheel tool to create color combinations that make your websites and apps look the best. Here is an idea for you to give it a try! Create an app from google sheet, combine effective app features with the great color combinations and share it with external users for them to use it. You will see the impact it creates.

Color wheel helps designers create their desired color palettes and offer their users with greater options to select the preferred one. This helps their users pick more attractive designs with appealing colors, layouts etc. for their websites. Website designers apply the best possible color combinations to the websites that help the businesses keep the visitors engaged and view their products for a longer time. Good website designers, artists, interior designers, app builders, and other creative persons use the color wheel to create perfect color combinations as per their requirements.

Creative people including artists, interior designers, app designers, and web designers, use color wheel and create effective colors using the color wheel to provide more and more design options to their clients.

Color Theory

Color theory defines the relationship between various colors and shades. The first representation of colors was established by Sir Isaac Newton in the form of the original Color Wheel. As per Sir Isaac Newtons color theory, sunlight can be split into several colors viz. red, orange, yellow, green and blue colored beams.

There are 12 main colors on the color wheel that can be divided into three categories Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors. There are 2 types of color wheels RYB and RGB.

The color wheel has all the colors placed on the spectrum based on their relationships. It is helpful in creating balanced color schemes. Complementary colors develop each others intensity when they are placed right next to each other, which is why designers often use them to create bold and high-contrast images that pop.

Colors in Appy Pies Color wheel

Colors play a crucial role in the world where we live. They can affect thinking, cause reactions, and change actions. When used correctly, they can even save energy consumption. Appy Pies Color Wheel is a tool that represents a visual picture of colors arranged as per their chromatic relationship. Primary Colors on the color wheel are placed equidistant to each other and linked with secondary and tertiary colors.

Appy Pies color wheel defines the association of colors and shades with each other. It helps users select the colors manually and make a combination to create a new color. Using Appy Pies color wheel, creative people like artists, website designers, interior designers can pick effective color combinations and create their own color palette.

Colors also affect moods, a website that has an outstanding web design with bright colors can make the visitors feel happy and calm. On the other hand, the darker colors, if not combined wisely, can make them feel glum. There are also certain colors that remind us of distinctive emotions.

Theories that define Color Combinations

The nature of colors can be defined through various color theories. Some major traits that explain color theory in a better way are mentioned below:

  • Color Temperature

    Appy Pies Color Wheel is an effective tool as it vividly displays the idea of color temperature. The wheel is split into two halves of temperature warm and cool. Color wheel represents red, yellow, and orange as warm, while, green, purple and blue as the cool colors. The temperature is a vital concept used to define what colors work together and what create fiction. Colors are also connected with their intuitive effects and the emotions people link with them. For example, red color shows passion, yellow shows happiness, green shows greed, and Purple shows fear.

  • Color Relationships

    A color wheel is an essential tool for artists as it displays the relationship between different shades and colors. The color combination can be defined as either a complementary or analogous color scheme. Analogous colors are placed close to each other on the spectrum, with a similar tone, while, complementary colors, are placed opposite to each other on the wheel.

  • Color Harmony and Dissonance

    The effect of color combinations that the designer and artists use are created by various color themes that the color wheel represents. Artists use analogous colors if they want to create a visually pleasing harmonic effect and complementary colors for a jarring image. Appy Pies color wheel offers any artist with a brief visual reference for these traits.

As we have learned about the colors on the color wheel, color theory and its combinations, let us talk find out how Appy Pies Color Wheel is the best for the designers and amateurs.

Why Appy Pies Color Wheel?

Appy Pies creative color wheel tool helps users create different color palettes. The tool can be used to create a perfect color theme for various purposes. The tool offers an extensive range of color combinations that help various designers and artists create perfect color palette and build their designs in sync with the brand image.

Users can create a signature color palette in Appy Pies Color Wheel, and they dont have to manually select the same colors every time. The tool is so easy to use that even the person who is new to design can work on it and use the features available in a better way.

Appy Pies Color Wheel allows users to switch between the color wheel types RGB and RYB. The tool is a boon for online artists and designers as it provides plenty of options to explore color combinations for various purposes such as designing cards, posters, magazines, and many more.