Bill Gates compares Artificial Intelligence to Nuclear Weapons

Bill Gates compares Artificial Intelligence to Nuclear Weapons
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Bill Gates considers AI (Artificial Intelligence) promising and dangerous by comparing its technology to nuclear weapons.

Microsoft Philanthropist and Co-Founder Bill Gates compares advanced artificial intelligence to nuclear weapons, adding the argument that the United States of America is losing its edge in the global race for artificial intelligence research.

The world does not have so many promising and dangerous technologies, Bill Gates said during an event in Stanford, according to CNET. He added that I will not say that there are many examples of AI that have improved society.

Known as wanting to help the world, it is hoped that artificial intelligence technology can be used to improve medicine and health around the world. Emphasizing the fact that the United States is losing ground on artificial intelligence research, comparing it to other countries that are trying to reach innovation first.

The inner workings of todays AI systems are too impenetrable. Its worrying that todays deep learning systems are mostly opaque, Gates said. He expects someone to improve his explicability without degrading his performance.

The US was in this totally unique position for most of these innovative technologies, he said. Now the US is still very much the leader, but not with the same domination, in the dominant mode.

In the past, Gates also expressed concern about how mankind could deal with a superintelligence of artificial intelligence such as CNET pointed out.

Im worried about superintelligence, Bill Gates said in 2015. First, the machines will help us and do a lot of work for us and will not be super-smart yet. That should be good if we do it well. A few decades later, though, intelligence is strong enough to be a concern.