Electronic Arts will dismiss 350 employees and close offices in Japan and Russia

Electronic Arts will dismiss 350 employees and close offices in Japan and Russia
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Electronic Arts has decided to follow the example of Activision Blizzard and plans to get rid of most of the staff.


According toKotaku, electronics are going to lay off 350 people.The resource received a letter from the head of EA Andrew Wilson, which he sent out to company employees.The report says that the cuts will affect the department of publishing and marketing.EA wants to improve customer support, as well as change the strategy on the international market, and therefore layoffs will affect offices in Russia and Japan.

Electronics will leave developers alone and plan to focus on improving content, engine, and cloud technologies.In addition, the company wants to reduce the gap with the gaming community.

Kotaku contacted EA and received confirmation of what was said in the letter.Representatives said internal changes will affect 350 roles in the company, employing 9,000 people.The representative also added that some employees will remain within EA and will move to new positions.People who still leave the company will receive severance pay.

According toDTF, the Moscow office will be closed, and part of the unit will move to Eastern Europe.The representative of EA assured that the changes will not lead to a decrease in the level of support and localization of games.In addition, the electronics will form a regional team, which will deal with the games of the company.The Japanese office will also be closed.

One of the departments employees admitted to Kotaku that they had been waiting for massive layoffs since October 2018, when EA stopped hiring new employees.

In recent years, the industry has grown, but such mass layoffs began to occur too often.In mid-February, Activision Blizzard fired 800 employees, and recently Guild Wars 2 developers from ArenaNet lost their jobs.Even the GOG had to lay off 10% of its employees at the end of February.


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