Google Assistant incredibly works well on iPhone

Google Assistant incredibly works well on iPhone
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Google has made Google Assistant available on iPhone. Despite being a “made in Google” product, Android is also available for iPhone.

If you haven’t tried it yet, take the time to install and try Google’s digital assistant.

Google’s personal assistant is also available for your iPhone. The tool works incredibly well, and we almost risk saying it is more complete than Apple’s Siri.

How to have Google Assistant on your iPhone

To have Google Assistant on your iPhone, just go to the official Apple app store and install it.

With the Assistant app you can:

  • Make quick calls (for example, “Call Mom”).
  • Send text messages (for example, “Send a text message to my best friend”).
  • Email your boss (for example, “Here’s the latest report”).
  • Set reminders (for example, “Remind me to buy Sara a birthday present”).
  • Define calendar events (for example, “Defines a calendar event for dinner with Carlos tomorrow from 19:00 to 21:00”).
  • Play music (for example, “Play jazz music on YouTube”).
  • Get directions (for example, “Give me directions home”).
  • Get weather information (for example, “Will I need an umbrella today?”)

The virtual assistant works great and word recognition is amazing. Another highlight is that it is possible to integrate Google’s assistant with home automation systems.

In Google Assistant, you can either tap the microphone icon to talk to the app or tap the keyboard icon and type your question. When you start the app with a spoken “Hey Siri, Ok Google” command, Assistant will be listening for your request by default.

In the lower left, tap the compass icon to see and search through possible Google Assistant actions. Or, you can simply ask Assistant, “What can Google Assistant do?” for a long list of actions to explore.