How Are ID Cards Used in the Hospitality Industry?

How Are ID Cards Used in the Hospitality Industry?
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Hospitality is one of the biggest industries in the world. Theres nothing better than going on holiday and staying in a luxury hotel, being served gourmet food, and enjoying a fancy cocktail at the resorts minibar. In recent years, the hospitality industry has started using ID cards to deliver all these services seamlessly. This fantastic technology is highly versatile, capable of doing everything from access control to application processing. As such, were going to be talking about how ID cards are being used in the hospitality industry today. Keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Tighter Security

Security is of the utmost importance in the hospitality industry. Hotels are responsible for protecting their guests from intruders and preventing the theft of belongings. ID cards have been incredibly helpful in this regard. Like we mentioned before, they are used for access control. This means only the person with the correct card can enter the room. Furthermore, unlike keyholes, doors that are fitted with an ID card reader cannot have their lock picked. Resultantly, security is much tighter in hotels nowadays.

Integrating Services

Smart cards like the HID Prox have a massive variety of applications. This means hospitality companies can use them to create a centralised system, allowing them to seamlessly integrate all their services into one. Basically, a single smart card can do a lot of different things. For example, guests can pre-pay for their meals, access the spa facilities, book a space in the car park, ectara. The ID card will then store all this data and feed it back to the reception. This makes everything so much quicker and easier for the staff and customers alike. No need for hundreds of receipts just one ID card.

Cashless Vending

As hotel ID cards can integrate several services into one, this means they can be used to pay for all these different things, too. For instance, guests can choose to pay for their breakfast upfront or log the cost onto their card. This information will then be stored until the person goes to settle the bill for their stay. Cashless vending is brilliant because hotels dont have to handle large sums of money anymore. Everything is much quicker, easier, and securer this way.

Loyalty Schemes

Some hotels have even started using ID cards to create loyalty schemes. If a guest uses their card to pay for a certain facility, they can receive loyalty points, which are then used to redeem a reward. Loyalty programs are helpful because they allow hospitality organizations to track their customers spending habits. Moreover, they give guests a good reason to stay again, especially if points carry over between visits.

As you can probably tell, ID cards have become invaluable tools in the hospitality industry. They have helped to streamline and seamlessly integrate services, making the experience of staying in a hotel easier for everyone. Theyre also perfect for modernizing resorts and making a luxury hotel feel even more opulent.