Imply, founded by the creators of Apache Druid®, today announced that Druid Summit will be hitting the road starting in May, bringing the live event to cities in the U.S., EMEA and APAC. Druid Summit is the annual event for developers, architects and other data professionals who are building analytics applications and are interested in learning or expanding their knowledge of Apache Druid. The event brings together the global Apache Druid community to learn from each other, share best practices and take away practical how-tos on building modern analytics applications.

Taking place in 15 cities around the world, Druid Summit On The Road will feature a different lineup of local and traveling speakers at every stop, sharing their experience and knowledge of Apache Druid. Druid Summit attendees will have the chance to participate in live demos of Imply as well as take part in the Apache Druid Accreditation Training, a hands-on introductory course where attendees will learn about the fully scalable database architecture plus how to ingest, roll-up and query data.

While the full details for all Druid Summit On The Road events are still being finalized, the current schedule includes:

Druid Summit On The Road in Austin will feature a presentation from Kevin Peng, chief engineer at Audigent, which will look at how Apache Druid can be used to retrieve data for reporting quickly and efficiently and discuss why users should consider moving away from multi-level aggregates. At the Sydney event, Manoj Kumar, Sr. VP and head of tech and data platforms at Paytm, will share how his team uses Apache Druid to monetize billions of events every single day.

“After hosting and participating in many virtual events over the past couple of years, we’re thrilled to be taking Druid Summit to developers across the globe,” said Fangjin Yang, CEO and co-founder of Imply and one of the original co-creators of Apache Druid. “There is a very dedicated and loyal community for Apache Druid, so we’re excited to get to see and talk to them in-person again. There’s also no better way to learn than with hands-on, face-to-face interactions.”

Druid Summit On The Road is also currently accepting speaking proposals for the upcoming events. Talks can cover topics ranging from ​​development methods, architectural patterns, operational best practices to real-world case studies of Druid in production. If you’re interested in helping the rapidly growing community of Apache Druid enthusiasts learn how it’s done and sharing best-in-class examples, please submit abstracts here.

For full details and to register for the global events, visit and continue to check back as more details, speakers and locations will be announced.

Sarah Walker
Sarah's curiousness of technology drove her to check out and review emerging products, be it weird or appealing she loves everything there is about tech.
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