iPad Pro 2021: Everything you need to know

iPad Pro 2021: Everything you need to know
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iPad Pro 2021 was launched on April 20 in the context of the Spring Loaded event which saw, among other protagonists, the Apple TV, the Airtag device, and a revolutionized iMac.

The prediction on the 2021 model of the Apple top tablet was probably the easiest since there were now numerous clues pointing in that direction and specifically to a debut at the classic spring event. Even the journalist Mark Gurman, probably the most reliable of the observers of the Apple market, had set the debut of the new iPad Pro on this date.

iPad Pro 2021 Same yet different

iPad pro-2021 differs from iPad Pro 2020 only on the inside. Externally the two models are substantially identical (except for some imperceptible variations in the thickness and weight of the 12.9-inch model); follow a style undertaken with the second and third-generation iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 respectively. From the point of view of style, there is therefore very little to say.

New processor: M1

The first and most important feature that unites the two tablets is in the processor which as always when a new generation of iPad Pro arrives is new. What everyone expected, however, to listen to the beta of iOS 14.5 was a processor called A14X a CPU with a very close relationship with the M1. Production of this chip was expected to start late last year, and it was rumored to have tremendous power, similar to that of a Mac with an M1 processor. Apple has cut the curve and has put in the iPad Pro 2021 an M1 processor, the same as the MacBook Air or Mac mini.

Were talking about a GPU and CPU at 8 core that goes up to 16 GB of RAM (on 12.9 1Tb and 2TB iPads) is 50% faster than Az12 Bionic and 40% faster in graphics calculation. There is also an advanced image processor, a faster memory architecture, and an internal disk that is twice the speed of the previous one. Apple has made a huge effort in terms of battery management to be able to obtain the same autonomy as the present model (10 hours).

iPad Pro 2021, all the news

The new 12.9-inch model Mini LED display

The two iPads seem identical in size compared to the iPad Pro 2020 (11 and 12.9) but if the display of the 11 iPad Pro 2021 is really the same as the 2020 edition model, in the 12.9-inch model for the first time Mini Led technology appears, which has been discussed for years. The launch of an iPad Pro with this particular screen was already planned at the end of 2019 with the hypothesis of a debut in the following spring (together with that of a MacBook Pro with the same type of panel). iPad Pro 12.9 2021, however, is the first product with Mini LED, a technology that would become one of the cornerstones of future Apple products (we are talking about at least six Mini LED devices) thanks to the advantages it offers in the relationship between image quality and price.

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Apple has been investing in this system for years for good reason. A Mini LED display is an LCD screen-basedon very small LEDs (one per pixel) capable of offering high contrast and brightness, intense blacks, low power consumption, low risk of burn-in and image degradation, typical of OLEDs. A Mini LED screen is also brighter (up to 30 times) than an OLED screen

iPad Pro 2021, all the news

All this we see translated into practice in the screen that is called Liquid Retina XDR, able to match the quality of the Pro Display XDR. It is built around 10 thousand LEDs grouped in 2500 areas. These are elements 120 times smaller than the previous ones. The benefits in terms of performance are defined as unmatched: a maximum of 1000 nits with a peak of 1600 nits and a contrast of 1: 1,000,000. It is a component that various categories of professionals such as photographers and video makers will appreciate thanks to the fact that they will be able to edit extremely natural HDR images in any location. The display for goals rest offers previously seen functions such as ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color and Dolby Vision.

iPad Pro 2021, all the news

5G cellular network

Apple gave iPad Pro 2021, expected dome, support for 5G. It is therefore the first tablet in the Apple range to support this connectivity and the second device, after iPhone 12, to have the fifth generation of these connectivity systems. Apple, we recall, has introduced a 5G chip for the cellular network in iPhones and a similar function makes iPad Pro an important mobile platform, capable of challenging different products in the laptop field. In addition, it will make iPad Pro 2021, when 5G connectivity will be widespread, a very relevant format for mobile work and video communication. In addition to 5G, iPad Pro 2021 also has Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

iPad Pro 2021, all the news

New front camera

At first glance, there are few new features here too: last year iPad Pro 2020 introduced LiDAR and iPad Pro 2021 still has a dual-lens with a LiDAR scanner, so in line with the current model. But the news this time is inside and above all concerning the front camera. It is a sensor and an Ultra-Wide 12MP lens with a 122-degree viewing angle that was created for FaceTime and other communication programs that hide a software ace up its sleeve. Lets talk about Center Stage a function that through machine learning understands where you are and so follows as if it were making a roundup, in such a way as to always keep you in the center of the screen. When someone joins the call the viewing angle widens; if he leaves, the person who remains in action is automatically zoomed. Finally, thanks to the new image processor we have Smart HDR 3 for the first time on iPad and in low light conditions, the LiDar allows better focus.

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Thunderbolt port

The rumor about a door is also confirmed Thunderbolt instead of standard USB-C we have today. Although physically the port is identical (so it would be possible to connect everything that connects today to an iPad Pro), what changes in the iPad Pro 2021 is the speed of 4 times higher, up to 40Gbps. Thunderbolt also supports 10Gbps Ethernet and 6K resolution Pro Display XDR.

Release date and specifications of iPad Pro 2021

Ming-Chi Kuo had made it known that production of the iPad Pro 2021 would have started between the middle and the end of April and indeed during the presentation event it was learned that iPad Pro orders will begin on April 30th but availability is set for mid-May. The iPad Prowill be available in the usual silver and space gray colors in configurations of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and for the first time also 2TB.

IPad Pro 2021 price

The 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $ 899 for the Wi-Fi model or $ 1069 for the cellular model. The 12.9-inch version starts at 1219 euros in the Wi-Fi version or 1319 in the version with the cellular network. Prices identical to the 2020 version therefore for the 11-inch model. But for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, they increased by 100 euros to the 512GB version, by 200 euros for the 1 TB version, and touches the stratospheric threshold of 2429 euros for the 2 TB version. This is primarily the effect of 16Gb memory (not present on models up to 512GB) and large memory capacity.