VALORANT Noob Guide: Do’s And Don’ts To Remember

VALORANT Noob Guide: Do’s And Don’ts To Remember
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Valorant is designed to keep you transfixed to your monitor screen. Its one of the leading first-person shooters available. However, this game is as fun-filled as much as its tasking. Thus, making it necessary to know some of the tricks that will help you get ahead among fellow beginners.

This article is divided into two segments. The first one contains important general tips to help you make significant progress. However, the second part will highlight some practices which can ruin your game if not avoided. Furthermore, you should pick some of the best Valorant tips at to help you do some smart in-game maneuvers.

Dos and Donts noobs should consider when playing Valorant


Communication among teammates

The significance of this tip makes it come top on the list you have to keep your team members informed. How well you communicate with your teammates is a major determinant of the overall outcome of your game.

Some useful pieces of information you should communicate with your teammates during the game include enemy location, loadout location, and necessary in-game movements.

Level your crosshair for the heads

A mistake some new players in Valorant make is when they keep their crosshairs in the skies or on the ground. When this happens, they have to make a lot of movement to get their crosshair on target.

Keeping your crosshair always at head level makes it much easier to hit some headshots in the game, earning you quick kills. Mind you, avoid shooting at your opponents bodies and legs; it kills at a slower pace.

Try to get your aiming precision right.

Valorant is a first-person shooter, implying that a bigger part of the gameplay depends on your ability to handle those guns effectively. When youre trying to get your shooting on point, you should avoid moving while aiming and shooting at targets.

What this does is that it interfere with the accuracy of your shots. Therefore, we recommend that you spend some time getting familiar with the recoil of the different weapons. It goes a long way in improving your aiming.

Make strafing second nature.

Youll get caught in many one-on-one battle encounters in the game. If your opponent is as good as you with their accuracy, you have a narrow chance of surviving such encounters. To boost your survival chances, strafing is one of the best tactics you should employ.

This movement has to do with you moving from side to side while shooting at your opponents at intervals. As a result, it makes it difficult for your opponent to get a good aim at you.


Dont be static

Many beginners in Valorant make the mistake of staying too long behind a cover. The game allows players to ping their teammates of an enemys location you can decide what your fate will be when their backup arrives at the scene.

Also, a sniper may have spotted you when you walked behind the cover. In such a scenario, its just a matter of seconds before he gets his crosshair on your head and pulls that trigger.

Avoid losing your cool

Things can suddenly go sideways in valorant when youre suddenly caught in a close-quarters fight with several enemies. You can be sure of getting killed. However, that depends on how skilled your opponents are.

Your survival instincts might push you into spraying bullets in all directions. In such situations, the best thing to do is keep your cool while you try to make targeted shots; you might be lucky enough to survive.

Avoid learning too many things at a time.

The best way to achieve a thing is by focusing all your energy on it, and the same applies to Valorant. The different agents have different abilities that might require repeated practice to understand. Learning different agents at the same time will slow down your learning process.

The same rule applies when youre getting familiar with the recoil of your different guns. Again, stick with one, but you can move to the next when youre done learning the first.


Valorant may be challenging at first for a beginner, but its an exciting game to play. So, use the guide weve provided above to level up your performance. Remember, always communicate, use strafing a lot, get the crosshair at head level, and master aiming precision. But no matter what, dont ever remain static and dont lose it.