Youtube VS Adblock Update: Claims policy is transparent, yet it is vague

Youtube VS Adblock Update: Claims policy is transparent, yet it is vague
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Youtubes recent policy update has left us with some confusions that cant be cleared unless Youtube comments on it.

As we reported on November 13, that Youtube, starting December 10 may prevent users from using Adblock which in turn could terminate their account.

Recently, @TeamYoutube tweeted:

To clarify, the commercially viable section is not about terminating an account bc its not making money / not in YPP. Its about discontinuing certain features or parts of the service bc they are outdated or have low usage. This does not impact creators or viewers in new ways.

TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) November 11, 2019

TeamYoutube said that Commercially Viable is not about terminating an account, its about discontinuing Certain features or parts of the service.

But the new rules clearly state that:


Note that TeamYoutube was clarifying in a reply to Ford Fischer when he raised a question regarding Youtubes new policy banning small channels.

In other words, the new rule still clearly states that it may prevent access if it believes, that the service for you is no longer commercially viable.

Therefore, Commercially viable still applies to adblock users, as they are more than thousands in number and thus acts like an obstacle for Youtube and content creators.

Google have complete right on their policy and the way they monetize, they can choose to prevent adblock users from blocking ads, as ads on Youtube are the only source of revenue.

What now?

One thing is clear that Youtube is not going to ban anyone if they are not commercially viable.

To further clarify the situation we reached out to Youtube in order to shed some light on this. However,their response was somehwhat peculiar.

YT Update

Their policy is not as transparent as they claim.

We will have to wait till December 10 to see the reflection.

Youtube Ads VS Adblock

Why is there an outrage on social media regarding Youtubes new policy?

Those who rely on Adblock to skip ads were completely outraged when the TOS appeared to suggest that Adblock users may no longer access the service while using Adblock after December 10.

But why do they have to rely on Adblock? Are Youtubes Ads so annoying that one have to sneak their way out? Is Youtube prioritizing ads over users experience?

The answer is yes. Youtube ads are way too annoying. On a 10-min video you are bombarded with 7-8 ads while some of them are unskippable.

Lets have a look at comments:

YouTube really out here giving me two consecutive unskippable ads on mobile this is why I use adblock

Blooki (@bloozki) November 10, 2019

youtubes new terms of service means that if you use adblock you might get banned forever my desktop experience just got ruined

cis (@francishubertdb) November 11, 2019

Youtube Ads

Youtube ads 2

Well, this was only a sample of what people have to say about Youtube. There are thousands of outraged viewers who are annoyed by Youtube ads.

Similarly, there are also some Happy fellas who are overjoyed. They are known as Content creators.

Of course, they deserve to be happy as they work hard to create video contents. Youtube already pay less when it comes to content creators and on the other hand there are viewers with Ad blockers.