Best VPN for iPhone in 2023

Best VPN for iPhone in 2023
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Installing a reliable VPN on your iPhone is one of the best ways to unblock geo-restricted content and protect yourself from ISP throttling.

The Internet is rife with ads, trackers, malware, and phishing scams, and one of the easiest ways to keep your device safe from them is by installing a VPN on it. When you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, for example, you open your iPhone up to a myriad of cybersecurity threats.

It can be difficult to decide which VPN to get when there are so many on the market. To find the best VPN for iPhone, we tested as many as we could and came up with a list of the top 5 ones.

Top 5 best iPhone VPNs

  1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for iPhone in 2023
  2. NordVPN – Most secure iOS VPN
  3. Private Internet Access – iPhone VPN with over 10,000 servers
  4. Surfshark – Best family-oriented VPN app for the iPhone
  5. IPVanish – Best iOS VPN for older iPhones

Other than spending countless hours researching the above-mentioned VPNs, the cybersecurity experts at Tech Lapse took into consideration the following things:

  • Security features – The advanced security features you get with the VPNs.
  • Number of servers – The total number of servers you can connect to on the VPNs.
  • Apple App Store ratings – How the VPNs rank on the Apple App store.
  • No-log policy – Whether or not the VPNs record user information.
  • Price – How costly the VPNs are.

The best VPNs for iPhone in 2023

The best VPN for iPhone will spoof your IP address so you can access geo-restricted content, and encrypt all your online traffic to keep you safe. Here are the top 7 VPNs for the iPhone in 2023:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN to use on the iPhone in 2023




Pros & cons
  • Free 7-day trial version for iPhone
  • Minimalistic UI on iOS
  • The iPhone version comes with Threat Manager
  • Expensive

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for iPhone in 2023. Not only is it the fastest VPN we’ve tested on the iPhone, but also the most secure and reliable one. If you’re switching from desktop or Android, you won’t struggle with getting familiar with the iOS version thanks to the VPN’s consistent design and UI.

Location British Virgin Islands
Apple App Store rating 4.3/5
Number of servers 3000+ in 94 countries
Price Starting from $8.32 per month

Its minimalistic UI makes it one of the most user-friendly VPNs on the iPhone. Connecting to a server near you takes only a few seconds. All you have to do is tap the button in the center.

ExpressVPN on iOS

ExpressVPN on iOS.

The Lightway protocol, which is what makes ExpressVPN so fast and secure, is also available on the iOS version. It can be used on 5 devices simultaneously, and comes with a kill switch, Threat Manager, and DNS leak protection.

Threat Manager is ExpressVPN’s tracker blocker. It prevents sites from showing you targeted ads by preventing them from tracking your online behavior. There’s no split tunneling, but no VPN on the iPhone has that feature due to restrictions in place by Apple.

If you want to learn more about its features, we recommend checking out our in-depth review of ExpressVPN.

You can get ExpressVPN on iOS for $8.32 per month. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Alternatively, you can try the free 7-day trial version before making any commitment.

2. NordVPN – iOS VPN that comes with multiple advanced security features




Pros & cons
  • iPhone version comes with an ad blocker
  • Offers multiple advanced security features on iOS
  • Lets you browse the dark web with Onion over VPN servers
  • Compatible with iPhone’s Siri
  • No free trial version

NordVPN is one of the few VPNs that rivals ExpressVPN in popularity. It’s a highly advanced VPN that comes with a number of security features designed to keep your iPhone safe. Plus, if you’re a regular Siri user, you can use voice command to control NordVPN on your iPhone.

Location Panama
Apple App Store rating 4.4/5
Number of servers 5000+ in 59 countries
Price Starting from $3.49 per month

Most of the features available in NordVPN’s desktop counterpart are also present in the iOS version. For example, you can use Double VPN servers to route your online traffic through two servers on your iPhone.

You can also browse the dark web using NordVPN’s built-in Onion over VPN servers. Other security features like kill switch, DNS leak protection, and Threat Protection, are also available on the iOS app.

Unlike ExpressVPN’s Threat Manager, which only blocks trackers, NordVPN’s Threat Protection also blocks ads, though it may not always stop the ones you see on YouTube.

NordVPN offers 6 simultaneous connections and with over 5000 servers in 59 countries, you can enjoy geo-restricted content no matter where you are.

You can get NordVPN for $3.49 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, there’s no trial version for the iPhone.

3. Private Internet Access – Inexpensive iPhone VPN with 10,000 servers

Private Internet Access



Private Internet Access
Pros & cons
  • Most affordable VPN for the iPhone
  • Comes with 10,000+ RAM-based servers on iOS
  • The iPhone app has a user-friendly UI
  • iOS app lets you customize VPN settings
  • No ad blocker on iOS
  • Based in the USA, a 5 Eyes member

Private Internet Access is an inexpensive VPN for iPhone that will take care of all your cybersecurity needs. It’s especially useful if all you care about is a large server network so you can unblock geo-restricted content on your iPhone.

Location Colorado, USA
Apple App Store rating 4.6/7
Number of servers 10,000+ in 84 countries
Price Starting from $2.03 per month

With a server network of over 10,000 servers in 84 countries, Private Internet Access gives you access to a huge geo-restricted content library from all around the world. While not as clean as ExpressVPN, the main screen isn’t as messy as NordVPN’s so it’s quite user-friendly.

You can easily figure out how to navigate through the app because of how simple the UI is.

PIA on iOS

Private Internet Access on the iPhone.

The iOS app of Private Internet Access comes with a kill switch, WireGuard tunneling protocol, the ability to change local ports, and more.

It provides a high degree of customization, something that most VPNs on smartphones lack. But if you’re not a fan of tinkering and tweaking, you can rest assured that Private Internet Access will keep you protected without you having to do anything at all.

Private Internet Access has a 30-day money-back guarantee and it’s available for $2.03 per month, making it the most affordable VPN on this list. It also has a free 7-day trial for iOS.

4. Surfshark – Highly-rated family-oriented VPN for the iPhone




Pros & cons
  • NoBorders mode on iPhone lets you use the VPN in restricted regions
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections on iOS
  • Comes with an ad blocker on iPhone
  • Based in the Netherlands, a 14 Eyes member

Surfshark is perfect for those who want to use a VPN on multiple iOS devices. It offers unlimited simultaneous connections and numerous security features. No matter which protocol you use, you’ll always get fast speeds along with robust security on your iPhone.

Location The Netherlands
Apple App Store rating 4.7/5
Number of servers 3200+ in 100 countries
Price Starting from $2.49 per month

The 3200 RAM-based servers will allow you to watch geo-restricted content from over 100 countries.

It’s based in the Netherlands, but you won’t have to worry about your data ending up in the government’s hands because Surfshark’s no-log policy has been audited many times in the past.

One of the best features of Surfshark is its unlimited simultaneous connections capability. You can use it on as many iPhones as you want, making it the ideal VPN for families and companies.

It also has a built-in malicious tracker and ad blocker called CleanWeb and MultiHop servers. Another useful feature is the “NoBorders mode,” which essentially lets you use the VPN service in restricted regions like China and Russia.

Surfshark features on iPhone

Some of the features Surfshark comes with on the iPhone.

Surfshark has a free 7-day trial version for iOS. You can get the premium version for $2.49 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. IPVanish – VPN best suited for older iPhone models




Pros & cons
  • Advanced customization on iPhone
  • Free 7-day trial version for iOS
  • iPhone version has unlimited simultaneous connections
  • No RAM-based servers
  • Based in the USA
  • No kill switch on the iPhone

IPVanish is another highly configurable VPN for the iPhone. Similar to Private Internet Access, it gives you access to a huge range of customizable options you can play around with to get the most out of the VPN. For an iPhone VPN, it doesn’t have the best speeds, but you do get WireGuard, which guarantees top-notch security.

Location Orlando, Florida
Apple App Store rating 4.1/5
Number of servers 2000+ in 75 countries
Price Starting from $2.93 per month

The good thing about IPVanish is that you can use it on older iPhone models as well because it supports devices with iOS 11 and above.

It doesn’t run servers on RAM, but its no-log policy was audited by a cybersecurity firm called Leviathan, who confirmed that IPVanish doesn’t store any personally identifiable information.

Unlike other VPNs on the iPhone, IPVanish doesn’t have a kill switch, which is disappointing, but not a deal breaker. There are still many other security features, like DNS leak protection, AES 256-bit encryption, and WireGuard, which make it a top VPN for iOS.

It’s one of the only two VPNs on this list that has unlimited simultaneous connections, so it’s another great service for families or companies.

You can get IPVanish for $2.93 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. As an iPhone user, you’re entitled to a free 7-day trial version.

6. CyberGhost – Best iOS VPN app for streaming




Pros & cons
  • Streaming-optimized servers on the iPhone
  • Over 9000 servers on iOS
  • Free trial on iPhone that doesn’t require credit card
  • Doesn’t have a lot of advanced security features

CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs for the iPhone. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in user-friendliness. The iOS app only has one screen, with nothing but a huge quick connect button in the center of it.

Location Romania
Apple App Store rating 4.4/5
Number of servers 9000+ in 91 countries
Price Starting from $2.11 per month

On the main screen, you can find the server name below the connect button. Tapping on it opens the server menu, where you can look for streaming-optimized servers.

Streaming-optimized servers are the reason why CyberGhost is one of the best iOS VPNs for watching geo-restricted content. The CyberGhost team regularly tests these servers to make sure they’re always up and running.

CyberGhost streaming servers on iOS

Streaming-optimized servers on iOS.

The VPN service is located in Romania, a non-5/9/14 Eyes country. Through the settings, which you can access by tapping the small gear icon in the top-left corner, you can change the protocol. It offers two: WireGuard and IKEv2.

CyberGhost doesn’t have too many advanced security features, but it does have DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and military-grade encryption.

The Romania-based VPN is available for $2.11 per month with a 45-day money-back guarantee. You can get a free 24-hour trial on desktop without providing your credit card details, which can also be used on iOS. Alternatively, you can avail a free 7-day trial version directly on your iPhone.

7. ProtonVPN – Best iPhone VPN with a free version




Pros & cons
  • Has a free version for iOS
  • 10 simultaneous connections on iOS
  • iPhone version comes with an ad blocker
  • Based in Switzerland
  • No RAM-based servers

Switzerland is one of the most secure places for a VPN company and nothing matters more to ProtonVPN than the security of its users. It’s a great iOS VPN that offers a wide variety of advanced security features. Equipped with a kill switch and even an ad and malware blocker (called NetShield), ProtonVPN is a brilliant alternative to other expensive VPN services.

Location Geneva, Switzerland
Apple App Store rating 4.2/5
Number of servers 1720 servers in 63 countries
Price Starting from €4.99 per month (around $5.3)

You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously with ProtonVPN. It also supports torrenting and unblocks most major streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Despite all the praises it receives, ProtonVPN still has a long way to go. For example, it still hasn’t moved its infrastructure to RAM, which means your online traffic isn’t deleted when you disconnect from the VPN. But it’s based in Switzerland and has an audited no-log policy, which means your data will be in safe hands.

ProtonVPN also has a free version and unlike other top free VPNs for iPhone, it comes with unlimited data.

free version on ProtonVPN on iOS

ProtonVPN has a free version for the iPhone.

You can get the premium version of ProtonVPN for around $5.3 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Comparison of the best iPhone VPNs

If you’re in a hurry, we’ve added a table below that highlights the differences between the best VPNs for the iPhone.




Private Internet Access






$8.32 per month

$3.49 per month

$2.03 per month

$2.49 per month

$2.93 per month

$2.11 per month

$5.3 per month

Money-back guarantee

30 days

30 days

30 days

30 days

30 days

45 days

30 days

Apple App Store rating








Max devices








Kill switch








RAM-based servers








Tracker/ad blocker

Yes (only blocks trackers)







Multiple protocols

Lightway, OpenVPN, and more

NordLynx, OpenVPN, and more

WireGuard, OpenVPN, and more

WireGuard, OpenVPN, and more

WireGuard, IKEv2, and IPSec

WireGuard and IKEv2

WireGuard, OpenVPN, and more

Methodology: how we tested iPhone VPNs

Here’s a more detailed look at the things we took into consideration when testing the VPNs:

  • Security features – Having security features like military-grade encryption, DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and more is important in an iOS VPN. Without many of these features, your iPhone would be just as vulnerable as it would be without a VPN.
  • Number of servers – Most people want to use a VPN on their iPhone so they can watch geo-restricted content on the go. The VPNs on our list have thousands of servers from many different regions, so you can enjoy a huge library of content from all around the world.
  • Apple App Store ratings – Apple App Store ratings can tell you a lot about a VPN. All of the VPNs on our list have a 4+ rating with hundreds of reviews.
  • No-log policy – Many top VPNs are based in a country that’s part of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance. That’s why it’s important for the best VPNs for the iPhone to have a strict no-log policy, so we know for certain that they don’t collect any data.
  • Price – Most of the VPNs on our list are quite inexpensive and have free trial versions.

How to use a VPN on iPhone

Using a VPN on your iPhone is not that different from using it on any other device. It’s a simple process that requires the following steps:

  1. First, pick a VPN that fits your needs.
  2. We recommend ExpressVPN because of its minimalistic UI and advanced security features.
  3. Download the VPN on your iPhone through the Apple App Store.
  4. Find and connect to a server.
  5. Start watching your favorite geo-restricted content!

Do I really need a VPN on my iPhone?

Yes, you need a VPN on your iPhone to access geo-restricted content and make sure it’s fully protected at all times. The iPhone is much more secure than Android thanks to Apple’s built-in security measures, but installing a VPN on it greatly enhances its security.

Apple’s built-in security won’t stop sites from showing you ads, but with a VPN that has an ad blocker, you can disable them and prevent sites from tracking you.

Another reason you need a VPN on your iPhone is so you can protect your online traffic when you’re out and connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. They tend to be unsafe because they’re unencrypted and hackers can easily access your online traffic when you’re connected to them.

A VPN on your iPhone will also enable you to bypass ISP throttling your bandwidth and speed, which often happens if you download torrents or visit restricted websites.

Another popular use of a VPN is to watch geo-restricted movies and TV shows on sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Many sites show different content based on where you are, and when you change your IP address with a VPN, you can easily unblock all that content.

Can mobile providers or ISPs see VPN?

Yes, your mobile providers or ISP can see that you’re using a VPN, but it’s virtually impossible for them to know what it is you’re doing on the Internet thanks to your VPN’s encryption.

Most VPNs use military-grade encryption which makes it hard for anyone to decipher your online traffic. All your traffic and DNS requests are routed through the VPN server, so your ISP can’t even know the names of the sites you visit.

Your ISP can see that you have a different IP address, which is how they deduce that you’re using a VPN. They can also see how long you stay connected to the VPN, but they won't be able to know anything else about your online activities.

Bottom line

All in all, we consider ExpressVPN to be the best VPN for the iPhone. It always provides fast connection speeds and a high degree of protection from cybersecurity threats.

It’s important to install a VPN on your iPhone because without it, your device could be targeted by hackers, especially if you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

You also need a VPN to stream geo-restricted content on sites like Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer. A VPN helps you achieve this by changing your IP address.

ExpressVPN has never failed us when it comes to keeping our data safe, which is why it’s the best iOS VPN in 2023.

Frequently asked questions

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for iPhone in 2023. It comes with its own protocol which is more efficient and faster than most other VPN protocols. It has an excellent customer support team and over 3000 servers in 94 countries.

Yes, iPhones have a built-in VPN, but you have to enable it through the settings. There’s no pre-installed client for it. This can be difficult for people to configure, which is why we recommend getting a dedicated premium VPN like ExpressVPN instead.

ExpressVPN is the safest VPN for Apple. Its no-log policy has been audited and it has a huge network of 3000+ RAM-based servers. These things ensure that the VPN doesn’t record any user information, so your data will remain safe.

ExpressVPN is available for $8.32 per month. It’s more expensive than other VPNs, so if price is an issue, we recommend checking out NordVPN or Private Internet Access, which cost $3.49 per month and $2.03 per month, respectively.

No, we don’t recommend using a free VPN on your iPhone. Most free VPNs show ads and sell your data for advertising purposes. With that being said, there are some free VPNs that are safe to use. Check out our list of the best free VPNs for the iPhone in 2023.