Best VPNs for changing location

Best VPNs for changing location
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Accessing geo-blocked content, applications, and streaming services has become a common challenge for internet users worldwide. These restrictions, often imposed due to licensing agreements or government censorship, limit what content users can access based on their geographical location.

Fortunately, you can use VPNs to change location to bypass geo-restrictions. When you connect to an international server of a VPN, it makes your IP address appear as if you are accessing the Internet from that country. This way, no local platform imposes any restriction on you to access content.

However, not all the VPNs are reliable and powerful enough to change your location without getting detected. Therefore, we tested 25 VPNs in the market for their efficacy in geo-spoofing, speed, reliability, and value for money. Read on to the detailed feature description of these VPNs and how you can use them to effectively bypass the geo-barrier.


Top 5 best VPNs to change location

  1. 1. ExpressVPN – Overall best VPN for changing location in 2024
  2. 2. NordVPN – excellent VPN for geo-spoofing equipped with advanced security features
  3. 3. Surfshark – Outstanding value for money VPN for location change
  4. 4. ProtonVPN - VPN for changing location with the free trial version.
  5. 5. CyberGhost - Beginner-friendly VPN for changing location

How to fake your location with a VPN

Faking your location with a VPN is a simple process that can help you access geo-restricted content. This includes streaming services, news websites, and apps that are not available in your country. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Choose a reliable VPN service

Select a VPN provider known for its strong security features, fast connection speeds, and a wide range of server locations such as ExpressVPN.

download expressvpn website page

Step 2: Download and install the VPN app

Visit the official website of the chosen VPN provider, sign up for an account, and download the VPN app compatible with your device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Follow the installation instructions provided on the site or within the app itself.

download expressvpn app from website

Step 3: Connect to a server in your desired location

Open the VPN app and sign in with your account details. Look for a server list or map view within the app, and select a server located in the country where you want to appear. For example, if you want to access Optus Sport while living in the USA, connect to a server in Australia.

connecting to expressvpn australian server

Step 4: Verify Your New IP Address

Once connected to a VPN server, your device's IP address should now reflect the location of the server you chose. You can verify this by searching for "What is my IP address" in a web browser and checking if the displayed location matches your selected server's country.

check your ip address online

Step 5: Access Geo-Restricted Content

With your location now spoofed, you can access content and services that were previously unavailable in your actual geographical location. Navigate to the website or service you wish to access, and you should be able to use it as if you were physically in the selected server's country.

access optus sport with expressvpn

Step 6: Disconnect from the VPN

When you have finished accessing the geo-restricted content, remember to disconnect from the VPN server to return to your actual location's internet connection. You can do this by opening the VPN app and clicking the disconnect button.

Additional tips:

  • Always ensure that the VPN connection is established before accessing the content to avoid leaking your real location.
  • If you encounter issues with accessing geo-restricted content, try clearing your browser's cookies and cache, as these can sometimes store information about your actual location.
  • Consider using a VPN with a kill switch feature, which automatically disconnects your internet if the VPN connection drops, to prevent your real IP address from being exposed.

The best VPNs for spoofing location in 2024

Now, let’s go into the detailed feature description of our shortlisted best VPNs for spoofing locations. This will help you select the right tool to serve the purpose.

1. ExpressVPN - Best VPN for spoofing your location




Pros & cons
  • Broad server coverage, ideal for accessing global content
  • Exceptional speeds for uninterrupted streaming and browsing
  • Strong privacy and security features
  • User-friendly apps across all major platforms
  • Premium pricing compared to some other options

During our testing, ExpressVPN emerged as our top VPN choice owing to its excellent geo-bypassing capability, speed, and security. With servers in 94 countries, ExpressVPN offers one of the most extensive networks available. This vast coverage makes it incredibly effective for geo-spoofing, allowing users to access content from almost anywhere in the world.

Location The British Virgin Islands
Number of servers 3000+ servers in 105 countries
Price starting from from $6.67/month

It's particularly appreciated for its speed, ensuring that streaming, browsing, and downloading are smooth and buffer-free. In all our testings, we always had speeds comparable to the Wifi network we were using. Also, there was no lag or connection delay, which was something very amazing

Security-wise, ExpressVPN uses AES-256 encryption, supports a strict no-logs policy, and offers a kill switch feature, keeping your online activity private and secure. The service is user-friendly, with intuitive apps for a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Moreover, ExpressVPN also has a dedicated Wifi router app which you do not see with other VPNs, enhancing the ease of use of this VPN.

Comparatively, while some VPNs might compromise on speed or security, ExpressVPN maintains a perfect balance, offering it at a competitive price, which starts from $6.67/month, alongside a 30-day money-back guarantee. It's clear why it's our top VPN choice for anyone looking to spoof their location without sacrificing performance or privacy.

2. NordVPN - VPN for geo-spoofing with high end security features.




Pros & cons
  • Wide server network for global content access
  • Advanced security features for enhanced online safety
  • No-logs policy for complete privacy
  • Consistently high speeds for streaming and gaming
  • Occasional slow server connections during peak times
  • Desktop app interface may be less intuitive for beginners

NordVPN stands out for its combination of security features and an extensive server network, making it a great option for those prioritizing both privacy and the ability to change locations. With over 6000 servers in 61 countries, NordVPN offers excellent geographic diversity, facilitating easy access to geo-restricted content.

Location Panama
Number of servers 5810+ servers in 60 countries
Price starting from from $3.39/month

What sets NordVPN apart are its innovative security features, such as double VPN and Onion over VPN, providing layers of encryption that are a boon for users in restrictive regimes. The CyberSec feature, which blocks intrusive ads and online threats, further enhances your browsing experience.

NordVPN's speeds are competitive, ensuring that streaming and downloading are efficient and lag-free. During testing, we experienced occasional lag with NordVPN on some servers. However, these were not significant enough to disrupt our experience.

The VPN’s apps are designed to be accessible, making it easy for users of all experience levels to navigate. In our view, the advanced features and interface of NordVPN is not ideal for someone who just began with VPNs. Also, the router set up is a bit tricky as there is no dedicated router app with it.

You can purchase NordVPN starting from $3.39/month in its 24 monthly plan with a 30 days money back guarantee. And the best part is you can select from multiple packages with different features and price point, based on your need and budget.

3. Surfshark - Outstanding value for money VPN for location change




Pros & cons
  • Excellent value for money with competitive pricing
  • Large server network for extensive geo-spoofing capabilities
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Strong security and privacy protections
  • Some servers may offer slower speeds compared to the top-tier VPNs
  • Interface and settings might be overwhelming for first-time users

Surfshark has become our go-to recommendation for those looking to get the most bang for their buck. With its expansive network of over 3,200 servers in 100 countries, accessing geo-restricted content worldwide is a breeze and pocket friendly.

Location The Netherlands
Number of servers 3200+ servers in 100 countries
Price starting from from $2.29/month

We were thoroughly impressed with Surfshark's performance during our tests. Its ability to maintain consistent speeds. However, the overall speed was slower than ExpressVPN.

What really sets Surfshark apart is its offer of unlimited simultaneous connections, allowing you to protect as many devices as you like with just one subscription.

Security is not compromised for cost, as Surfshark comes with AES-256 encryption, a no-logs policy, and a kill switch feature for peace of mind. The addition of CleanWeb, an ad and malware blocker, further enhances your browsing experience by keeping it clean and safe.

Surfshark price starts from $2.29/month. Surfshark presents an unbeatable offer, complete with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, it also presents multiple packages in each price plan so you can select and customize your deal according to your preference.

4. ProtonVPN - VPN for changing location with the free trial version

Proton VPN



Proton VPN
Pros & cons
  • Free version available with no speed throttling
  • High-security standards and no-logs policy
  • Paid versions offer a broad network for global access
  • Developed by a reputable team known for security
  • Free version has limited server options
  • Higher-tier plans can be pricey relative to some competitors

ProtonVPN made it to our list due to its free trial version, and reliability of other features. Its a great option for those people who are looking to change their location without immediate commitment.

Location Geneva, Switzerland
Number of servers 2900+ servers in 67 countries
Price starting from from $3.99/month

However, ProtonVPN's free version grants access to servers in three countries, which, while limited, is sufficient for users to experience the benefits of geo-spoofing.

We appreciate ProtonVPN’s unwavering dedication to security, featuring strong encryption and a strict no-logs policy, even in its free tier. Unlike many free VPN services that throttle speeds, ProtonVPN maintains consistent performance, ensuring a seamless online experience. For those seeking more extensive coverage, its paid versions unlock servers in over 70 countries.

What built our trust in ProtonVPN was not just its service but its foundation of transparency and trust, developed by security experts. ProtonVPN's price starts from $3.99/month, it is not only an accessible option but also a reliable one, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. CyberGhost - Beginner friendly VPN for geo-spoofing




Pros & cons
  • Intuitive interface perfect for beginners
  • Extensive server network for global content access
  • Optimized servers for streaming and torrenting
  • Strong privacy and security measures
  • Slower speeds on some distant servers
  • Automated server selection may not always provide the best results

CyberGhost is our recommended VPN for users new to VPNs, offering a beginner-friendly platform for changing locations effortlessly. Its user interface is designed for simplicity, ensuring that even those with no prior VPN experience can navigate its features with ease.

Location Romania
Number of servers 9200+ servers in 91 countries
Price starting from from $2.19/month

We were quite impressed by the server diversity of over 11700 servers in 100 countries offered by CyberGhost. Also, we tested the dedicated streaming and torrenting servers of CyberGhost. However, their performance was not significantly different from regular servers. CyberGhost also prioritizes user privacy and security, featuring AES-256 encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and an automatic kill switch.

Its apps are available across major platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, offering a seamless experience across devices. Another fun thing about CyberGhost is the automation and customization options, which enhance its ease of use. However, advanced users might seek more granular controls over their VPN configurations, which CyberGhost’s streamlined interface might not provide in depth.

You can get CyberGhost for $2.03 per month with a generous 45 days generous money back guarantee which is not seen in many VPNs.

How we found these best VPNs for location change

Finding the best VPNs for location change involved a comprehensive and rigorous testing process. We aimed to identify VPNs that not only provide extensive global server coverage but also maintain high standards of privacy, security, and speed.

To achieve this, we utilized a variety of technologies and focused on key areas that are crucial for an effective and reliable VPN service. Below is an overview of our methodology:

Global server network: We assessed the size and distribution of each VPN's server network. A vast and diverse server network ensures users can connect to a wide range of geographic locations, vital for bypassing geo-restrictions.

Speed tests: Using speed test tools, we evaluated the connection speeds of different servers around the world. This ensured that the VPNs we recommend offer fast and stable connections suitable for streaming, gaming, and downloading.

Privacy and security features: We closely examined the privacy policies and security features of each VPN, including encryption standards, no-logs policies, and the presence of kill switches. These factors are essential for protecting users' data and maintaining anonymity online.

Ease of use: The user interface and overall user experience of each VPN were tested. We prioritized VPNs that offer intuitive apps for various devices, making them accessible to users regardless of their technical expertise.

Streaming and torrenting capabilities: We tested each VPN's ability to access popular streaming services and support P2P file sharing. VPNs that could bypass streaming service geo-blocks and support torrenting without compromising speed or security were rated higher.

Customer support: The availability and quality of customer support were evaluated, including live chat, email support, and the comprehensiveness of online resources. Prompt and helpful customer support is crucial for resolving any issues users may encounter.

Price and value for money: We compared the pricing, subscription plans, and any available money-back guarantees. VPNs that offer the best balance between features and cost were considered more favorably.

Why you may pretend to be in another country?

Pretending to be in another country using a VPN has become a common practice for several reasons.

One of the primary motivations is to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship. Many streaming services, websites, and applications limit access to their content based on the user's geographical location due to licensing agreements or regulatory restrictions. By appearing to be in a different country, users can unlock a vast array of entertainment options, news sources, and services otherwise unavailable to them.

Beyond entertainment, accessing geo-restricted content is crucial for individuals living in or traveling to countries with strict internet censorship laws. In such environments, VPNs serve as a vital tool for accessing blocked social media platforms, communication apps, and information websites, facilitating freedom of information and expression.

This is not only essential for staying connected with the global community but also for ensuring that one's right to access information is not curtailed by geographic boundaries.

Moreover, pretending to be in another country can offer significant advantages in terms of privacy and security. By masking the real IP address and encrypting internet traffic, VPNs protect users from surveillance, hacking attempts, and data harvesting by malicious entities.

When it comes to digital commerce, changing one's location can lead to financial benefits, such as accessing regional sales, discounts, and offers that are not available in the user's actual location. Pricing for flights, hotels, and online subscriptions can vary significantly from one country to another, and savvy users leverage this to save money on purchases and subscriptions.

However, no matter for which purpose you are using the VPN, make sure you always use a reliable service like ExpressVPN.

Yes, changing your location with a VPN is legal in most parts of the world. VPNs are legitimate privacy tools widely used by individuals and businesses alike to enhance their online security and privacy. They serve as a crucial means for protecting sensitive data, ensuring secure internet connections, and allowing users to browse the web anonymously.

Using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN is a smart choice for those interested in changing their location online. ExpressVPN, renowned for its strong encryption protocols, extensive server network, and strict no-logs policy, ensures that your online activities are secure and private.

VPN providers operate under the premise of offering secure and private access to the internet. They enable users to change their IP address to a server in a different country, effectively changing their online location. This is particularly useful for accessing geo-restricted content, such as streaming services, websites, and applications not available in your region.

It's important to understand that while changing your location with a VPN is legal, the use of a VPN for unlawful activities is not condoned. Reliable VPN services are designed to enhance your online privacy and security while providing the freedom to access information and content globally, within the bounds of legal and ethical use.

Can I use a free VPN to change location?

Yes, you can use a free VPN to change your location, but it's important to choose wisely to ensure your online security and privacy are not compromised.

ProtonVPN is one of the few reputable free VPN options available that allows users to change their location. It offers a limited but useful selection of server locations, ensuring that users can access geo-restricted content without paying for a subscription.

However, while free VPNs can be a good starting point, they often come with limitations that can affect your internet experience. These can include data caps, slower connection speeds, and a limited number of server locations.

For a more reliable and unrestricted experience, using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN is highly recommended. Premium VPNs offer numerous advantages over their free counterparts, including unlimited bandwidth, faster connection speeds, a wider selection of server locations, and advanced security features.

So, while it's possible to use a free VPN to change your location, for a more reliable, secure, and enjoyable online experience, investing in a premium VPN service like is advisable. This ensures you have access to the best features, speeds, and security measures available, providing peace of mind while you browse, stream, and download content from around the world.


So, leveraging a VPN to change your location presents a versatile solution for accessing geo-restricted content, enhancing online privacy, and securing internet connections.

I recommend using only reliable VPNs coming with a comprehensive suite of features such as ExpressVPN.

While free options like ProtonVPN offer a commendable entry point with respectable privacy features, premium services like ExpressVPN provide a more comprehensive, secure, and uninterrupted experience.

So, sit back, turn on your VPN, and get ready to roam across the world without any restrictions.

Frequently asked questions

ExpressVPN is the best choice for changing countries due to its extensive server network across 94 countries, exceptional speed, and robust security features. It ensures reliable access to geo-restricted content while maintaining user privacy and security.