How to watch Naruto on Netflix in 2024

How to watch Naruto on Netflix in 2024
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If you’ve embarked on the quest to watch Naruto on Netflix, you’re in for an epic journey filled with action, emotion, and ninja lore. Naruto Shippuden, the sequel to the original Naruto series, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its compelling characters and intricate plot. However, the sad truth is that Naruto’s adventures are only available on some Netflix libraries – like Hong Kong, Singapore or Australia.

Luckily, you still can watch Naruto Shippuden despite the country you are in – you only need a virtual private network or a VPN. It allows you to access content from different regions and unlock ninja adventures from anywhere. For that, you simply need to find a provider that suits your needs the best, connect to a server in a country where Netflix carries Naruto, and start streaming.

Learn our detailed step-by-step guide and get ready to binge-watch Naruto on Netflix in the USA like a true ninja master!

How to achieveHow to watch Naruto Shippuden with a VPN

  1. Choose a VPN with a wide server network. We recommend ExpressVPN, now 49% off.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in a country that has Naruto on Netflix, for example, India.
  4. Open Netflix website or an app.
  5. Start streaming Naruto Shippuden!

Why do you need a VPN to watch Naruto on Netflix?

Naruto: Shippuden is not accessible on Netflix US, as well as several other libraries, like the UK and Australia. However, the series can still be viewed in different Netflix regions by a VPN – it becomes an indispensable tool, addressing the inherent regional restrictions on the platform.

watch naruto with vpn from anywhere

Many Netflix libraries in different countries don’t have Naruto. (source:

A VPN serves as a strategic workaround by encrypting and rerouting internet traffic through servers in different locations. The best VPN providers allow users to appear as if they are accessing Netflix from a region where Naruto is available, effectively bypassing geographical limitations.

watch naruto in usa with expressvpn

Watch Naruto: Shippuden on Netflix with a VPN.

Among the notable VPN providers for seamless streaming experiences, ExpressVPN stands out, recognized for its reliability and efficiency in navigating content restrictions with its streaming abilities and special features, including MediaStreamer and advanced security.

Best VPNs to watch Naruto on Netflix

If you are looking for the best VPN for Naruto streaming on Netflix, prioritize key features essential for a seamless experience. First, look for a VPN with a robust server network, particularly in regions where Naruto is available. Second, prioritize extra-layered security measures to ensure privacy, and lastly seek lightning-fast speeds to eliminate buffering interruptions.

These attributes are crucial for overcoming geo-restrictions and guaranteeing uninterrupted access to Naruto’s content. Select exclusively from the best streaming VPNs to enhance your overall online experience.

To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve curated a list of premium VPN providers that not only meet but exceed these vital criteria:

  1. ExpressVPN – the best VPN for watching Naruto on Netflix
  2. NordVPN – choose from thousands of servers to stream Naruto Shippuden
  3. Surfshark – great speed and price for streaming Netflix from anywhere

1. ExpressVPN – the best VPN for watching Naruto on Netflix




Pros & cons
  • Top-notch encryption protocols with a no-logs policy
  • High-speed performance worldwide
  • Wide device compatibility
  • No dedicated IP option

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming Naruto Shippuden – it has an impressive server network worldwide and great speeds. It offers 3000+ servers in 105 countries, ensuring seamless access to Netflix and other streaming platforms from anywhere.

Location The British Virgin Islands
Number of servers 3000+ servers in 105 countries
Price starting from $6.67/month

What sets ExpressVPN apart is its commitment to delivering the best speeds for streaming, ensuring an immersive and buffer-free viewing experience for users. The service’s compatibility with a myriad of popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, is further enhanced by its innovative MediaStreamer feature, simplifying access and optimizing performance.

Beyond its streaming prowess, ExpressVPN is a stalwart defender of user security, employing robust encryption protocols to safeguard privacy and protect sensitive data. The service is trusted by millions for its unwavering commitment to online security.

Despite its top-tier performance, ExpressVPN remains competitively priced, making it an accessible yet comprehensive solution for everyone. Its monthly subscription price starts at $8.32. For an elevated streaming experience that combines speed, accessibility, and security, ExpressVPN stands as the unequivocal choice for Naruto enthusiasts.

Explore additional insights in our in-depth ExpressVPN review.

2. NordVPN – choose from thousands of servers to stream Naruto Shippuden




Pros & cons
  • Intuitive and user-friendly features
  • Robust security and Threat Protection feature
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Some advanced settings may be overwhelming for beginners
  • Inconsistent speeds on certain servers

NordVPN is an excellent choice for streaming Naruto Shippuden on Netflix. It has an extensive server network, robust security, and additional features for your best streaming experience. Boasting 5810+ servers in 60 countries, it offers a wide range of options to ensure the streaming platform’s accessibility.

Location Panama
Number of servers 5810+ servers in 60 countries
Price starting from $3.39/month

Its streaming prowess is underpinned by its robust capabilities and the innovative SmartPlay feature, ensuring seamless access to Naruto and other popular streaming platforms. With NordVPN, users can effortlessly transcend geographical restrictions and enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience.

In terms of security, NordVPN prioritizes user privacy with strong encryption protocols, safeguarding data from potential threats. Its commitment to maintaining a secure online environment solidifies NordVPN as a reliable choice for those seeking both streaming convenience and robust security.

Despite its impressive array of features, NordVPN remains competitively priced – the price of subscription starts at from $3.39/month.

Learn more about the VPN features in the NordVPN review.

3. Surfshark – great speed and price for streaming Naruto on Netflix




Pros & cons
  • Free trial for 7 days
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Affordable VPN for watching Naruto
  • Limited advanced configuration options
  • Variable speed performance

Surfshark is a perfect budget-friendly choice for streaming Naruto Shippuden. With a vast network of 3,200 servers in more than 100 countries, Surfshark offers a global reach that empowers users to access content from anywhere.

Location The Netherlands
Number of servers 3200+ servers in 100 countries
Price starting from $2.29/month

With Surfshark, users benefit from unlimited parallel connections, allowing simultaneous streaming on multiple devices without compromising speed or quality. The service excels in streaming capabilities, ensuring a seamless Naruto experience with lightning-fast speeds that eradicate buffering.

In addition to its streaming prowess, Surfshark prioritizes user security with robust encryption protocols, providing a secure environment for online activities. What sets Surfshark apart is its exceptional affordability, with plans starting at just $1.99 per month. This makes Surfshark an enticing option for those seeking both high-speed streaming and cost-effective VPN.

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What Netflix libraries have Naruto Shippuden?

If you are a dedicated Naruto fan, you need to choose countries with all seasons, like Hong Kong, India, or Switzerland. Some Netflix libraries only have some seasons, like Canada, Mexico, or Portugal. Be aware of that while choosing the VPN servers for streaming Naruto Shippuden online.

best vpn for naruto shippuden on netflix

With ExpressVPN you can watch Naruto on Netflix in the USA. (source:

Here is a list of countries with Naruto on their Netflix library:

Netflix library Number of seasons available
Switzerland 21
India 21
Singapore 21
Japan 21
Germany 21
Hong Kong 21
Philippines 21
Spain 10
Portugal 10
Canada 10
Mexico 5
Argentina 5
Brazil 5

Can I use a free VPN to watch Naruto: Shippuden on Netflix?

While free VPNs may seem tempting, they often lack the speed and reliability needed for smooth Netflix streaming. If you are looking for a VPN, you should already know that many free services impose limitations on data, server locations, and overall performance, leading to potential buffering issues. Moreover, free VPNs are not secure enough to trust them on your daily basis online activities.

To ensure an optimal viewing experience of Naruto: Shippuden on Netflix, consider a premium option like ExpressVPN. It offers superior speed, a wide server network, and robust security features. It also provides a risk-free experience with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming without compromising on quality or security.

Can’t reach other countries' Netflix libraries? Quick problem-solving guide:

  1. Clear browser cache and cookies. Stored location data in your browser may conflict with the VPN connection. To avoid this issue, clear your browser’s cache and cookies to eliminate any conflicting information.
  2. Try different servers. Ensure you’re connected to a server in a region where Naruto is available on Netflix, like India or Singapore. If the server isn’t working, try a different one.
  3. Update the VPN software. Check if your VPN software is updated to the latest version and update to avoid compatibility issues.
  4. Check VPN settings. Check your VPN settings to ensure they align with optimal streaming configurations and adjust them for seamless streaming – for example, try changing the VPN protocol.
  5. Switch VPN provider. If any of the mentioned issues don’t seem to work, consider switching your VPN provider to a better one – ExpressVPN is the best for streaming Naruto on Netflix.

Other streaming platforms

Beyond Netflix, Naruto enthusiasts have various streaming platforms to embark on the ninja journey. Crunchyroll, Hulu, Apple TV, and Prime Video offer a comprehensive Naruto experience with their libraries for anime lovers.

These platforms offer flexibility, allowing fans to choose the streaming service that best aligns with their preferences and device compatibility, ensuring that the epic tale of Naruto Shippuden remains easily accessible to a global audience. Just like Netflix, anime series on these streaming platforms are dubbed or subtitled in English, so you shouldn’t worry about the language barrier while watching from a different country’s library.

Remember that most of these streaming services have different libraries for different countries, so you should always check how many Naruto: Shippuden seasons are on the particular platform. If you need to access more, consider using a VPN like ExpressVPN with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom line

In summary, unlocking Naruto on Netflix requires a VPN with key features. Prioritize a VPN with a robust server network in regions where Naruto is available, fast speeds to eliminate buffering, and robust security measures.

For a superior experience, choose ExpressVPN. It offers optimal speed, a wide server network, and stringent security features. With its 30-day money-back guarantee, you can enjoy Naruto on Netflix risk-free, ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality streaming.

Frequently asked questions

Countries like Hong Kong, India, and Switzerland have every season of Naruto: Shippuden in their libraries. To access them from a different country, use the best VPN for changing your location to hide your IP and stream Naruto from anywhere.