How to get TikTok coins cheaper

How to get TikTok coins cheaper
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TikTok Coins serve as the virtual currency within the app, enabling users to support their favorite creators through donations. However, the cost of purchasing these coins can be quite high, becoming the biggest hurdle for many passionate TikTok users.

Fortunately, you can get these coins much cheaper than the actual price using a VPN. A VPN can allow you to access TikTok from various countries, potentially leading to lower prices for TikTok Coins due to regional pricing differences.

In this blog, we'll tell you how to get cheap TikTok coins using a VPN. Additionally, we'll share insights on the best country to purchase TikTok coins and provide everything you need to know for a safe and savvy buying process on TikTok

How to achieveBuy TikTok coins cheaper with a VPN

  1. Choose a Reliable VPN: We recommend fast and secure VPN like ExpressVPN, now 49% off.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a country where TikTok coins are cheaper, e.g., Brazil.
  4. Open TikTok app and navigate to the coin purchase section within the app.
  5. Compare prices and purchase coins while the VPN connection is still active.

Cheapest TikTok coins country list 2024

TikTok price tags vary a lot from one country to another. So, the first step is to know the TikTok coin prices in various regions globally. You can then compare the prices and use a VPN to connect to the country with cheaper rates as compared to yours.

In 2024, Brazil offers the most economical TikTok coins, and then we have the US, South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam. In contrast, the UK, Turkey, and Mexico have the highest rates.

Here are the TikTok Coin price tags of 70 and 700 coins for both in local and dollar currencies so it is easy for you to compare:


Price for 70 Coins

Price for 700 Coins

United Kingdom

£0.75 / $0.95

£7.45 / $9.44


TRY 28.49 / $0.95

TRY 285 / $9.47


MX$14.59 / $0.86

MX$145.89 / $8.60


PHP 42 / $0.75

PHP 420 / $7.52


THB 28.95 / $0.82

THB 289.39 / $8.23


MYR 3.65 / $0.78

MYR 36.59 / $7.81


VND 19,100 / $0.78

VND 191,000 / $7.79


SGD 1.09 / $0.81

SGD 10.89 / $8.14

South Korea

KRW 1100 / $0.82

KRW 10,400 / $7.79

United States




R$3.65 / $0.74

R$36.05 / $7.31

*prices updated: January 25, 2024

Other ways to get TikTok coins cheaper

While using a VPN is the easiest and quickest way to get cheap TikTok coins, there are other methods too. Following are some ways to get a price reduction on your TikTok coins if you do not want to use a VPN:

1. Earn coins through TikTok activities.

TikTok sometimes offers opportunities to earn coins through participation in certain activities or challenges. Keep an eye on official TikTok announcements or community events where you can engage and potentially earn coins as rewards.

2. Take advantage of promotions and discounts.

Occasionally, TikTok runs promotions or discounts on coin purchases. These can be seasonal or part of a marketing campaign. Regularly checking the app for any promotional offers can lead to savings.

3. Join TikTok's referral program.

If available, participating in TikTok's referral program can be a way to earn coins. By inviting friends to join the app using your referral code, you might receive coins as a reward once they sign up and engage with the platform.

4. Use cashback or reward apps.

Certain cashback or reward apps might offer TikTok coin purchases as part of their rewards program. By using these apps for everyday purchases, you can accumulate points or cashback that can be redeemed for TikTok coins.

5. Purchase bundle offers.

TikTok occasionally offers bundle packages where you can buy coins along with other features or benefits at a discounted rate compared to buying them separately.

6. Participate in TikTok competitions

Engaging in competitions hosted on TikTok can sometimes lead to winning TikTok coins as prizes. These competitions could be official TikTok events or sponsored by TikTok influencers.

Why does the price of TikTok coins differ in different countries?

The variation in TikTok coin pricing across different countries can be attributed to several key factors.

Firstly, there's the concept of purchasing power parity (PPP), an economic theory that suggests prices should adjust to account for the different living costs and income levels in various regions. For example, in a country with a generally lower standard of living, TikTok coins are priced lower, making them more affordable to the local population. As an example, YouTube Premium subscription is cheaper in Turkey and Argentina.

Another critical factor is regional pricing strategy. Companies like TikTok often adjust their prices based on the specific economic conditions of each market.

This includes considering the local demand, competition, and the general willingness of consumers in that region to pay for digital products. Such tailored pricing ensures broader accessibility while optimizing revenue in different markets.

Moreover, fluctuations in currency exchange rates impact pricing. Since the value of currencies varies continuously against each other, TikTok might adjust prices in local currencies to maintain a stable cost in a standard currency, such as the US dollar.

Lastly, differing tax structures and regulatory costs in each country can influence the final retail price of digital goods. Higher taxes or additional levies imposed by local governments can lead to increased prices for consumers in those regions.

What are the benefits of purchasing TikTok coins?

Purchasing TikTok coins offers several benefits for users on the platform. Here are some of these:

  1. Supporting creators: The primary use of TikTok coins is to tip content creators during live streams. This direct financial support can help creators to continue producing engaging content, and it's also a way for fans to show appreciation for their favorite creators' work.
  2. Access to premium content: Some creators offer exclusive content or perks to users who gift them coins. This might include access to private streams, shoutouts, or other unique interactions unavailable to regular viewers.
  3. Enhanced user experience: Sending gifts during live streams can enhance the interactive experience on TikTok. It adds an element of excitement and participation, as users can see their gifts displayed publicly during the stream.
  4. Community engagement: Using coins to send gifts can foster a sense of community and belonging among viewers and creators. It encourages a more interactive and engaging environment, strengthening the bond within the TikTok community.
  5. Influence content creation: By tipping creators, users can influence the type of content that gets produced. Creators often take note of what their supporters enjoy and may tailor their content to suit their audience's preferences.
  6. Gain recognition: Users who send large or frequent gifts often get recognized by creators and might receive mentions or acknowledgments during streams. This recognition can increase a user’s visibility and reputation within the TikTok community.

Frequently asked questions

TikTok coins are a virtual currency used on the TikTok platform, allowing users to support creators by sending virtual gifts during live streams and other interactive features.