After a long wait, Samsung Galaxy A70, one of the most balanced mid-range smartphones brought to the market by the South Korean brand last year, is finally starting to receive the coveted software update to Android 10 with Samsung’s One UI 2.0 attached.

Although in the meantime Google has started dancing with Android 11, the brand new major release of the green robot (here is the first Developer Preview), there are still numerous smartphones around that are also quite popular that are still waiting to receive Android 10.

Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy A70

Recently replaced by the newest Samsung Galaxy A71 , Galaxy A70 still defends itself quite well and is now catching up with its successor also as regards the version of the operating system on board. In recent hours, in fact, the South Korean manufacturer has started the roll out of the expected software update to Android 10 including the One UI 2.0 for Samsung Galaxy A70 and the update is already in Europe, given that the release started from Ukraine.

As you can see from the screenshot below, it is a major update worthy of the name: in fact, the OTA package that is reaching Galaxy A70 weighs 2,060.65 MB. The new software version is the A705FNXXU5BTB9 and the update is particularly rich in content, since in addition to the aforementioned Android 10 and One UI 2.0, there are also the security patches relating to the month of February.

Galaxy A70 Android 10

Of course there are all the classic features of this update, starting from Dark Mode, Digital Wellness, the new navigation gestures, the Focus mode and the most advanced management of the permits relating to geolocation and privacy.

How to install a software update on Samsung smartphones

The roll out of the new update for Samsung Galaxy A70 was actually scheduled for the month of April, but apparently the manufacturer managed to anticipate the times a bit. This without forgetting that, since these are gradual releases, the first phase will touch some users to avoid the presence of important bugs. In any case, if you own a Samsung Galaxy A70, you can check the availability of the new update by going to Settings -> Software updates -> Download and install.

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