Stable version of MIUI 11 for Xiaomi 8 and Redmi models now available

MIUI 11, the user interface of the Xiaomi smartphones presented months ago, continues to update and receive new functions and tweaks. And after the app drawer and the secret menu with battery statistics, it is still time for updates with the debut of a useful video editor, however exclusive of Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, at least for now.

The functions of the MIUI 11 video editor

In support of the hardware equipment of the new Xiaomi flagships, a real video editor arrives that is placed in the form included in the Gallery app.

Its functions are what we would expect from a third-party editor downloadable from the Google Play. Therefore, it is possible to manipulate videos in various ways, without the various professional tools of specific apps but with some interesting goodies such as presets to edit movies quickly, the option to add subtitles (even automatically), the ability to join multiple files together, cropping functions, adding audio tracks, and so on.

Here’s a glimpse:

However, this video editor for the moment is an exclusive of Xiaomi MI 10 and Xiaomi MI 10 Pro, but we do not exclude a future implementation also on other Xiaomi devices since the source has managed to implement it manually on a Redmi Note 7.

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