On December 5th, vivo officially announced the NEX dual-screen version. The machine uses a dual-screen design innovatively and both front and rear screens can operate all functions of the phone.

On December 6th, the vibrato exposed the live video of the vivo NEX dual-screen version. As shown below, the vivo NEX dual screen version can be switched by three fingers.

In addition to the dual screen, the vivo NEX dual-screen version also has three cameras behind it, which is the first three-photographer of vivo. Through the dual-screen solution, the vivo NEX dual-screen version of the powerful three-camera can be used to fill the current lens, and the self-timer effect is worth looking forward to.

More importantly, the vivo NEX dual-screen version supports screen fingerprint recognition, which is the flagship fingerprint of the second screen fingerprint of vivo. It may also be the world’s first screen fingerprint + dual-screen flagship.

In the core configuration, the vivo NEX dual-screen version will be equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship processor, probably the Snapdragon 845, which is the flagship chip of Qualcomm this year.

At present, the aircraft has opened an appointment on the official website of vivo, and officially debuted in Shanghai on December 11.

Zorain Zubair
Zorain is co-founder of TechLapse. Based in Pakistan, Zorain is currently studying Business Management and aims to achieve the title of Chartered Accountant. Zorain loves writing about various technology news. He can be reached at: [email protected]
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