Samsung Galaxy S11 could feature an infrared spectrometer

Samsung Galaxy S11 could feature an infrared spectrometer
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Among the innovations that we expect from the new Samsung Galaxy S11 coming up in the new year, a strange one appears, a hardware component that should be placed right next to the rear camera module.

According to some details, the 2020 Galaxy S, in addition to the classic heart rate sensor, would have included a spectrometer.

For those who have never heard of it, this is a sensor that allows measuring the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Applied to our daily life, it means measuring the chemical composition of objects, the condition of the skin, quantifying the presence of sugar in the fruit and so on.

Among its various and possible applications, a spectrometer on a smartphone could therefore be applied to determine the moisture content of the skin, measure heart rate or stress and with regard to fruit, measure its freshness, and nutritional values like fats, carbohydrates or proteins.

In short, a rather curious addition as interesting for the Samsung Galaxy S11 that, although not the first to mount an infrared spectrometer, already at CES 2017 there was a certain Changhong H2 that mounted it, opens up various possibilities and scenarios.

For the moment there is nothing certain, everything is based on rumors.