Users with Trypophobia signs ranked iPhone 11 Pro low, design triggers controversy

Users with Trypophobia signs ranked iPhone 11 Pro low, design triggers controversy
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According to several reports, people with trypophobia are annoyed and irritated by the design of the iPhone 11 Pro, notably by the arrangement of their cameras. The newly introduced iPhone 11 Pro is not even present in the market yet but there are already dissatisfied users with this terminal.

This factor may have an influence on equipment sales, not yet knowing the impact of this reality.Could a design feature of the new iPhone dictate its commercial flop?

Last September 10th we saw the iPhone 11 Pro being introduced by Apple in its Keynote.This model brings together the best that Apple can do, being a top end.Nevertheless, there have been several criticisms of the iPhone design. There are even users who feel aversion and irritation when they see the camera module!

Trypophobiais a supposed phobiaof irregular patterns or clustering of small holes or protrusions.Given its definition, its simple to see why the design of the iPhone 11 Pro has been so controversial.

The rear camera module of the new iPhone is made up of five circular elements that resemble holes: three cameras, a flash and a microphone.The fact that these five elements are unreasonably grouped together is bothering a number of users who have manifested themselves all over the web.

There are several experts who claim that all humans suffer from this condition, and that the difference is in the intensity of the symptoms.Speaking to BBC, Dr. Geoff Cole confirmed this reality.

We all have a little of that, its just a matter of intensity.

Dr. Geoff Cole, vision scientist at Essex University

In an investigation, the scientists studied 286 adults and found that 16% reacted with aversion to repetitive patterns, even physiological reactions such as increased heart rate.Some expressed goose bumps.In addition, there are testimonials from some people who threw up and others who said they could not work for several days.

Being a feature that gives rise to different symptoms depending on people, no doubt this architecture of the camera module of the iPhone 11 Pro has turned out to be a bad bet.Lets now wait to see users reactions to your design when it hits the market.

Are you uncomfortable with the camera module design of the new iPhone?If so, what symptoms do this trypophobia cause you? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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